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Bestjet Insolvency - What next for It's Customers?


That’s a great point. I’ve not heard of that scenario before Bestjet but now it’s been used once, I’m sure it will be used in future travel agent collapses.


It was appropriate then for Choice to speak up. Is it still appropriate today to ask for change?


I think so. We’ve concentrated on airlines and more recently the banking and insurance companies with the royal commission. So it’s been a while since we’ve looked into the effects of travel agent collapses but I think we may need to revisit the topic.


Administration does not appear to have dampened Bestjet’s ability and desire to keep billing, twice.

If you were a Bestjet customer it appears you need to watch your accounts closely.


The blame game rolls on.


An article regarding claims that ASIC was warned regarding Bestjet and did nothing.

The toothless tiger struck again. Meow.



Not to worry. ASIC has updated their logo and are awaiting delivery of some superhero outfits.



A very interesting expose regarding Bestjet and their grubby business practices.

The previous claims by Rachael James that the business was making millions before it was sold and went into administration a mere 6 weeks later certainly are at odds with the practice of making customers wait 6 months or more for refunds.

This smells like an operation that either had very serious cashflow problems or was dishonest, or both.

The claims by Michael James that he was not a defacto director nor was he managing the business are at odds with him issuing emails and threats to the staff and being constantly in the office, contrary to a statement to a court by his wife that he was not involved in the business.

Hopefully the administrators will recommend that ASIC take them to task in the courts.

Oops. Wait on.


The “Worstjet” fiasco continues.

And the grubby banks continue to treat their victims, oops, customers with disdain.


Public examination proposed for Bestjet.

Rotten eggs will be available at the door.