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Best USB Turntables

I have read the turntable reviews but they are not specific to USB turntables. I want to be able to play my vinyls and have the audio output Bluetooth connected to my portable speaker. And I want to be able to copy via USB so I have digital versions for my devices?


Welcome to the community @piecone,

Choice did a ‘budget USB turntable’ review back in April, but as of this morning all of the turntable related test links are broken. I’ll report it. FWIW sometimes features such as USB are available in the filters for online tests, and maybe for the ‘turntable review’. Not being able to see the report that is moot for the moment.

edit: The links are once again working. There is no reference to USB in the turntables review, and no reference to bluetooth in either, nor in filters. An example of the type is

and at least one has been reviewed by Choice

Thanks for highlighting the feature. Maybe Choice will respond in the next round and include more of them with ‘the feature’?


Thanks - yeah I was looking for USB as a filter but not available. I don’t want to spend big $ as my intention is to be able to play the vinyls and have the output go to my UE device, plus be able to digitise content so I can place it on iTunes.


Occasionally ALDI have them on sale, so if one is nearby, ALDI that is, and they come up on sale you might want to check them out. Quality I can’t vouch for but you could do some research when advertised.

UK site but might give you some idea


Welcome @piecone. As @grahroll said, the Aldi turntable. I have a couple of acquaintences who have purchased them and have attested to how good they think they are. I wouldn’t think they are high end, but they are a good for everyday music for your average user.