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I strongly recommend Exetel. They have excellent customer service.


I see you have made your choice but have to say Telstra is my recommendation.I have no complaints and speed is very good


I’m connected! As promised I’ve done a speed test. All in all it seems very quick for what I need (1 person, not too many devices connected. The upload speed seems low, and I’m not quite sure how that will affect me (maybe some tech whizzes can tell me!).

TPG set up very quickly and I didn’t need to be home for the install, which was even more handy. I can’t believe I only have good things to say so far! I’ll have to come back for a whinge when I have a problem :wink:


That is why the A is ASDL stands for asymmetric, as the bandwidth is skewed to downloading which is what most of us average punters do.


Thanks! I knew someone here would be able to tell me (I’m learning so much!).

Can’t wait to start streaming everything.


@TillySouth, @tndkemp is correct but the expected ratio for downloads vs uploads are usually better, say between 7 (best case) to about 20 (worst case) and you are right on the worst case (13.3/.65 = 20.4). Your relatively slow upload performance could be a setting in your modem or even a rough splice in your copper wire. Your mind could glaze reading this, but if you scan down there is a table showing the maximums possible.

I get 10.2 down and .68 up (ratio = 15). I have a nasty splice in my copper courtesy of a neighbour accidentally digging it up; I lost about 100 kb upload speed when Telstra fixed it. Because of where the copper runs it cannot be easily replaced so it is what it is and is within reason. I won’t get into the reasons only uploads were affected, but it has to do with how ADSL uses the frequency spectrum on a wire.

Even though your upload speed is slow, in a practical sense it probably does not make much difference unless you send very large files (megabytes) quite often. If you have a techie friend maybe they could check your modem settings to make sure they are optimal.


Try and and see what result they show, Feel free to pm me if you need extra help as I can arrange to remote login to your computer and check it if you wish. Fast will only show download speed as it is only concerned with that as it is about Netflix. Speedtest will do both up and down.

If you are really only about 700 m from the exchange there is a problem with your speeds. At this distance they should be closer to 24 Mbps down and 1 Mbps up. I would think it could be old copper or a noisy line and my first choice would be a noisy line (this can be poor copper, bad joins and water in the street connections). Do you hear hiss crackles or pops (no no not Coco Pops) if you have a telephone plugged in…if so this is line noise and it will force your modem/router to renegotiate line speeds downwards until it gets best speed with the least loss. If you can hear the noise complain to your provider.


Well done making the offer @grahroll :slight_smile:


I thought I’d update the thread on how I went!

I can’t believe I’m even saying this, given the write-up that TPG sometimes get: my internet is fast, reliable and works. Amazing.

I just found out the rollout of the NBN will be happening at my address in early 2018, but until then I’m happy with my current service. Happy days!


I am glad your connection is working well for you. Most people get good service but there are always bad outcomes no matter who you chose. If it works and does what you want at the price you like then it is a success :slight_smile:


TPG map only shows Brisbane area in Qld. Nothing further north - I’m in Rockhampton.


The NBN is in most parts of Rockhampton and TPG are a reseller there. I am not sure what areas are covered nor what they are using eg wireless, copper or other but it is worth contacting them if you are interested.


Iinet - never again. Issue after issue. Crap internet service and customer service. Dropped out repeatedly, slow as well.

Moved end of September. Went with Belong. Signed up online. Was connected in around a week, telstra had to connect phone line for adsl. Compared to 10 weeks with iinet…

So far so good. Service has been good when ive needed to talk to Belong, which has been rare. Internet doesnt drop out and speed is better than with iinet/ at last residence.


I read the other day adsl is one of the slowest connection types.

Never knew.


3.27Mbps download
0.78Mbps upload
Latency: 77 ms
Server: Sydney
Your Internet speed is slow

Your Internet connection should be able to handle one device at a time streaming a video. If multiple devices are using this connection at the same time, you may run into some slowdowns.

… Lol it handles netflix and general email, browsing etc fine


There’s horror stories all around - I’d say Internode is one of the best, but that was ‘then’ and I still had them to the TIO three times. Banks are a similar thing, as you can see on Choice in a few threads - the summary is they all suck, its which one sucks the least and then there is still personal experience and local patches of ‘customer service goodness’. Now back on Internode, they are in the same bucket with iiNet and whoever the clowns are that own them both - and all beholding to the Muppet Show that is the NBN:

Enjoy. I have a great connection at the moment, for a couple of reasons, not the least of which that my 25mb/s NBN services routinely gives me:

… so the Choice community loads in a flash :wink: Of course the various speed tests are a religious argument in themselves, but I know I can snaffle lots of content real quick over a torrent without upsetting the gamers in the family - more of a real-world test …

I remember carefully closing the lid on a varnished wooden box that housed an acoustic coupler with no error correction running at 300 bp/s and hoping nobody else in the house would lift a handset and try to dial, on a rotary decadic dialler. ADSL is quicker. Mind you, our expectations have changed, I’ll give you that - but I thought that box was pretty damn cool back in 1981, in fact, if “it rocked” was a term back then, I’d have said “it rocked”, but instead it was “cool” and I said “its a ripper” … or something …

Yeah that’s probably a bit average in these times - is that ADSL or NBN? either way, what is your distance from the exchange/node and what plan are you on?


With decades in IT and for most of my technical life using very powerful systems of their era I have realised that what is acceptable to someone could be unacceptable to another. Consistency of experience is actually more important than top peaks for customer satisfaction so long as a usable level is delivered. Mainframes had operating system features called ‘dynamic minimum response time’ whereby the user always experienced the response of a fully loaded mainframe, even if he was the only one on at the time. It was demonstrated if he got great response sometimes and comparatively poor response at other times he was less satisfied than if he always got consistently poorer response.

In my more recent life as a ‘PC jockey’ I have usually been frustrated with how slow my ‘world’ is. At the same time I have looked over the shoulders of others who have been content with the performance of their ‘world’, that was to me so slow I would have figuratively thrown it out the window in frustration.

My ADSL2 runs at 12Mbps+ most of the time. Sometimes it will drop into the 9Mbps range because of old copper and weather and such, and I and my partner notice when browsing. A mate who is less fortunate has a connection that never gets above the 5Mbps range and he is quite happy. Likewise my desktop is an i7 runs reasonably fast for its native applications, while my notebook is a low power i7 that is extraordinarily leisurely in comparison, so I only use it when necessary but it is actually as fast as my partner’s work environment! And so we each go.


We’ve recently tested NBN plans using real-world performance tests. Use our test to help find the best internet provider.