Best internet & phone plans?

It’s so confusing to find the least expensive plans. Looking for internet/phone & pay tv plans .

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Hi @grali7, I thought this article might help you in choosing a phone plan, and here are the results of our last mobile provider satisfaction survey. You might also find some interesting comments in this post.


We use Internode following Choice’s recommendation some years ago and now use their mobile plans too - very happy with them.


I have to say we’ve been using TPG for quite a few years now and have found their service reliable and cost effective. We have an Internet and home phone bundle that includes all calls to Australian land-line and mobile phones. We’re also very happy with their customer service, having had a couple of problems with the line to the exchange that Malcolm Turnbull thinks is OK for NBN services.

We’ll never go back to Telstra.


I choose Telstra Mobile because of the better coverage in country areas. I hate that I have to do this but I have found it to be a fact.


Yeah, I used to be a Virgin Mobile Prepaid customer because they had some really good value plans and mobile data wasn’t eaten in great chunks at a time.

No matter how good their plans were at the time, they were of no use to me when I moved to South East Tassie and the coverage kept dropping out, especially near my Son’s school.

So I’m now on Telstra prepaid, which now has a half decent cap plan. Even with mobile Internet usage, I never have to top up until the Monthly recharge is required to keep the service active.

Sometimes coverage dictates which company you end up using.


Got the home phone, internet and Foxtel through Telstra. Our mobile phones are through Telechoice as it’s relatively cheap and they mostly use the Telstra network.
I know of two people that are not with Telstra have problems with their phoneline/internet and went without for over a week.
A couple of years ago on a Saturday evening our phoneline/internet went down. We let Telstra know and at 9am the next morning a technician knocked on our door and said the problem has now been fixed. He gave us his card and said any future problems just give him a ring.
I’ve been with Telstra for over 30 years and have been happy with their product and service so far.


I changed from Vodafone to Aldi mobile six months ago and have had no problems - They use the Telstra network. You have to check your data usage per month to find the best plan for you. I will stay away from Telstra as I had trouble with them a few years ago, when it took them 10 months (and me a number of hours on the phone) to correct their over-billing. My internet is with TPG, not the fastest but reliable.


In the last 12 months have gone from

  • Telstra corporate - pay per call, limited data
  • to iiNet - great service, great app, ok data quota, optus backend
  • to AldiMobile - good service, good app, ok data quota, telstra backend
  • finally to Telechoice - good service, no app and pretty crappy website, better data quota, telstra backend

Telechoice have really stepped up their value.

I like to get the best data and good call value in sub $25 plans. Am now on Telechoice $28 plan that gives 3.5GB data and $1000 in calls including international.

Telstra MVNO’s like Telechoice & AldiMobile have been indistinguishable to full fee Telstra that I have noticed in Victoria.


It looks like competition for Telstra in the Mobile market sector creates…well competition. The opening up of the sort of closed market seems to be building better deals for consumers. Unlimited data plans start to appear. The savage shaping after x number of GB is harsh but I guess it is a beginning that will bear better fruit as it ages. An article that also explores these themes is found at:

Following is some more about these unlimited plans:


A pretty good mobile phone deal at the moment is the ALDI 12month prepaid deal. For $299 up front you get unlimited calls and text and 80 gig of data to use over 12 months. For the mathematically lazy that works out at $25 per month for unlimited calls and text and 6.5 gig of data a month. But most importantly for country and regional Australians it uses Telstra’s 4g network which basically keeps going deep into the bush and doesn’t end at the outer suburbs like all the other’s networks.

Apparently it is limited time offer in the stores only until sold out. I have no affiliation with ALDI but we are happy with the offer and thought i would share it.


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A counterpoint to the best is the wonders of our business culture of them keeping their comfortable ‘competition’ going. Even when there are a few years aberration they get back to the norm, as with retreaded pollies.


Monthly plans downgraded to 28 day plans is very cheeky, squeezing an extra payment per year.
Combined with gold plating the data quantity makes for an effort to find the best plan.

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This has the credibility of the Logies!

Boost being less than Belong and Aldi is staggering. Full 4g network access with VOLTE vs MVNO restrictions.

A more balanced review:

Hello @nayorl

You will notice I have moved your post to the relevant existing thread.

That review only looks at providers on the Testra network, and does not take into account real world experience in the form of user feedback. So how do you see that to to be more balanced?


All those I referenced were Telstra backend only and the web site mentioned gave a balanced perspective for Telstra services.