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Best Ever Curry Recipe


Fred, I’ve had a look online for stockists, and found one lonely Woolworths store somewhere in the Eastern States, and a Morrisons, also in the ES. I am in WA. Tried to email, but you have to fill in the capcha - and it’s empty, so you can’t! They certainly don’t make it easy. I can’t see anywhere to buy online either.

syncretic, I have tried many times to make curry from scratch, and I’m never really satisfied with the result. So I have resorted to packets and jars, which aren’t wonderful either. I think a lot of Indians must use them too, judging by the huge number on the shelves in any Indian grocery.


This is a puzzle as the method is not difficult. If you use good recipes (at least to start with), use fresh spices (ground yourself) and allow time I see no reason to not produce an excellent result. I suppose as with so many things in life YMMV. Nonetheless I encourage people to give it a decent try as the results can be very good.

Curry is quite suitable for entertaining. With some planning you don’t need to to anything at the last minute but serve and you can use cheap cuts of meat, or even go 100% vego. This allows you to avoid stress and to socialise with your guests and to not spend a great deal. Dinner for 6-8 should be a breeze with some preparation.


I think Frankenfurter was the best Curry :wink: sorry, couldn’t resist - Curry did well in so many appearances though …


Hi Julwood. You won’t find these sauces at Coles or Woolies unless they wake up to what they are missing out on. The online listing that Woolies has is obviously not current.
I called the importer this morning to ask about WA stockists as my son lives in Perth and he loves a great curry. He used to make his curries from scratch but as he is now the GM of a listed company, I expect that he no longer has the time to mess around anymore.
I also advised them about the captcha problem and that their online order facility is not operating. I also suggested that they list their retailers on their website, which I was advised that they are working towards.
They advised that the have a distributor in WA, Ready Chef Go, and their phone number is (08) 9279 6755. I called them and they advised that the Taste of India products are stocked by all “spudshed” and most IGA stores in WA.


Thanks for doing that Fred - you saved me a phone call! My local IGA didn’t have them, but I do have a Spudshed not too far away I visit most weeks. I’ll check it out.


The vast majority of Indian style fast food outlets source all their key ingredients including premade sauces from a franchise.

It makes sense to bypass the middleman. A great option.

p.s. To find the best local most authentic curries I have often asked the taxi driver who he goes to for food like his mum makes. Other than a journey back home many have useful tips. Just note that for those of us less travelled the styles of cooking vary greatly within India and Asia. You need to talk a little more to find out what style appeals. From Very Hot (chillies or peppers) and meaty vs aromatically spiced vegetarian dishes more akin to a thick soup or porridge.

Butter chicken may be revered more for the fact it contains chicken, than the sauce which is just another mildly spiced sauce, when many local dishes are without meats or use lesser product because of the cost.

Every curry is different, and each of us has different tastes, so the best ever curry is really only subjective and relative to our own life experiences. It might help to know what “ best ever” is being measured against? Eg my mum’s Keens Curry with roast lamb left overs and well cooked white long grain rice with English peas and carrots. Yum!

For the rest of us there is always “The Famous Taj Mahal Indian Restaurant”. Just like “The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel” there is an interesting play with the ambiguity of English words.

I look forward to my next trip to one of our two local IGA’s in search of the now famous ‘best curry ever’. Hope they have some goat too!


We made this ‘recipe’ the other night. There was some initial scepticism from the crowd about whether a good meal could ‘come largely from a packet’ and relatively little effort, given the instructions in this post were fairly simple, so we assumed it was simple and went with it - outcome? - it was really good and any doubt disappeared on the first bite mouthful. I’m not sure I’d say its the best ever mainly because my scale of culinary pleasure is fairly granular and I’m no chef, but I can say in addition to it being really good that I’ll make it again and a little disappointed I can’t find the sauces locally (6 should fit into a 3kg post satchel :slight_smile: I have a plan !!).

As a side note - I’m thinking as a quick and easy meal that chicken thigh fillets might work? The duck tasted great, but I’d forgotten how fatty they were and to me more tricky to portion out without a bony splinterfest ensuing …


Chicken Thigh fillet will be milder in taste but if you can source truly free range ones they will have more taste than non truly free range or non free range ones ones (a good use perhaps of a “boiler” though harder to find these days).


After the first batch of Tikka Masala I cooked, I did a second batch and the last of it was just as good as what I remembered eating in Hong Kong.
I used bone-in, skin-on chicken thigh cutlets which our local Supa IGA has prepacked. The bone definitely provides more flavour.
I expect it should be just as good in the Madras sauce as the duck was.


How did you cut up your duck?
I had bought a pair of OXO Good Grip poultry shears but I had not cut up a duck before so I asked my very good friend, Mr Google. I have posted the link below to the YouTube video clip I followed.

I actually cut the wings off the breasts, and then cut the wings into 2 pieces and the breasts into several pieces. I also cut the thighs into a few pieces.
I cut the both the neck and the backbone into 3 pieces each, and I used everything including the tail for my curry.
When I get to the backbone, I eat it carefully so as to savour every last morsel of meat without swallowing any bones.
As curry repeats on my wife and she doesn’t like duck, I cook it when she is away visiting our grandchildren.


Interesting. It actually isn’t an Indian curry, but was ‘invented’ in Glasgow. Maybe a British curry?


In Brisbane, some Indian supermarkets and independent grocers sell Taste of India packet curries. Might be worth looking at your local Indian supermarkets or independent grocers which have different foods in Perth.


Thanks. I found one type of Taste of India in a local Spudshed, not the whole range. It’s a start! IGA are willing to stock a few to see how they go. - that’s what I like about IGA.