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Just a quick note on Kindle failure. There is a Chinese factory that can supply new screens for your Kindle right back to the V2 with the keyboard. While they are not easy to replace they can be done with a little care. The replacement screens are about $30 each for most screens unless you are replacing the colour screen. I cannot find the web address at the moment but a quick Google search will bring up the site. And also get yourself the plastic toolkit that allows you to split things like iPhones and tablets. The tool kit is extremely expensive, I paid $25 for the top brand!! (attempted humour).


Thank you for your advice. Will keep it in mind.


Just want to point out that there are libraries in Australia which let you borrow e-books: I’m lucky enough to have access to the Rockhampton Municipal Library which is a member of ‘Borrow Box’! One can borrow e-books and audio books. Just borrowed one on my tablet.


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