Best Cookie to Dunk (in milk, tea, coffee...)

Teddy bear biscuits, head first!


I love Gingernuts, Griffins version are perfect for dunking, hold together beautifully “from cup to mouth” they leave all others in the shade!


I started making biscuits and since then I no longer like shop bought biscuits. I have favourite recipes that I make but experiment with new ones. Nearly all home made biscuits dunk well. Biscuits are generally the easiest and quickest things to make so I encourage more people to make rather than buy. At least you know what’s in them!!

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And then it splashes on you!!

The NSW/ACT rock hard version of Gingernuts are the same. They’re actually inedible unless dunked, as they’re so hard. We recently found the Griffins NZ ones on special and are enjoying them.

They also usually taste much better!