Best Cookie to Dunk (in milk, tea, coffee...)

  • Biscotti
  • Choc Chip
  • Shortbread
  • Oreos
  • Gingersnaps
  • Digestives
  • Tim Tams
  • Other
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How can one not list Arnott’s milk arrowroot and milk coffee biscuits?


:frowning: I thought I had them all


And Arnott’s Scotch Fingers! MADE for dunking!


It takes a special kind of cookie to be able to be dunked. A tough one that can go deep into a liquid and still come up whole. It doesn’t break, it doesn’t disintegrate, it doesn’t lose its identity and flavour but comes up tasting all the better for it.

Being dunked is not for the softies among the biscuits, but they can be broken into the liquid and eaten with a spoon, such as we serve to our children.

Among the toughest ones there’s the Anzacs, the Ginger nut, the Crunchy Chocolate Chip…


I have read that Arnott’s Ginger Nuts are different in each state. The ones I grew up with in Qld were so tough that dunking, even in hot tea, didn’t soften them at all!

Maybe in other states they were a bit more absorbent?

The challenge with most other biscuits was to get the dunked part of the bikkie into your mouth before it fell off - usually back into the cup of tea or milk. :rofl:


In Victoria they are (very) sweet and yes absorbent but tough, just made for dunking :laughing:
Forgot to mention Choc Ripple and Butternut Snap.


I’ll stick with my NSW version of the gingernut! Dunks in tea or coffee, beautifully!! I don’t dunk any that don’t need to be dunked. I can’t imagine NSW gingernuts being eaten without dunking to soften them!


We found the opposite. The NSW/ACT ones are so hard that they’re inedible if you don’t dunk them. The Queensland ones (that I grew up with) are so much better and easy to bite into, so we buy them when we visit to bring back. We also like the Victorian ones. We bought some NZ Griffins gingernuts from Coles yesterday, that are quite nice and a good dunking biscuit.


Hmm … the Qld gingernuts of the 1950s and '60s were very tough, IIRC. Perhaps the recipe has changed since then?

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I was born in the early 1950s so they’re the ones I grew up eating. I don’t know if they’ve changed the recipe but I still like them. The NSW/ACT ones are inedible unless dunked.

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We must be remembering the same version, then.

I’ve never tried the NSW/ACT ones (although I’ve lived in Canberra for decades).

But I admit I don’t much like gingernuts, regardless of their texture, so my memory of them could well be biased. I do like ginger in most other forms - preserved, chocolate coated, added (in powdered form) to cocoa, in curries, and in home-baked cakes and biscuits. The Women’s Weekly Dark gingerbread cake recipe is delicious. :yum:


Yes, we must be.
Don’t bother with the NSW/ACT ones. They’re awful IMHO; much too hard for one thing. We don’t eat many biscuits (unless homemade) however we do enjoy a good gingernut. The NZ Griffins brand are OK. Coles sell them.


I really like NICE or YOYO bickies to dunk.

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Other = None

I’m not one to dunk anything in my tea or coffee etc. :scream:
Partly due to respecting the TLC that goes into making that perfect first flush Darjeeling cup of tea or a deliciously balanced coffee made with select roasted Arabica coffee beans.

The choice of tea and coffee may sound extravagant. When made at home and compared to the cost of a can of fine craft beer or glass of well made wine the luxury of a great cuppa or coffee offers more for far less. For all those who like to dunk - I’d like to think I could stop at just one biscuit on the side. Fortunately all good biscuits and there are many come in a packet just in case one feels the need. :yum:


The best dunking medium is cold milk, and the bikkies to dunk in it are Arnott’s Scotch Fingers.

The tea and coffee we have now are worth drinking without having anything dunked in them. Maybe not due quite the level of respect you give yours, @mark_m. :slightly_smiling_face:

But the equivalent beverages during my childhood and early adulthood - Bushells, Lipton, or Billy tea and various nasty instant coffees - at least gained a bit of taste (and texture) from the dunkings. :laughing:

A hot beverage is necessary to soften some types of bikkies, such as the gingernuts discussed earlier.

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Monte Carlo are the bee’s knee’s for dunking in a cuppa tea - timing is everything


So from results I see (happily) that it is actually Biscuits as well as Cookies :yum:


I dunk biscuits in milk ,tea or coffee . Not ready to become the 51st state of USA just yet