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Best Ceiling fans - review



We have installed ceiling fans in 2 bedrooms and the living area. We can’t put one in our 3rd bedroom as it has a set of bunks for when the grandchildren visit and would be too dangerous. We bought the Mercator City DC model as we have standard 2.4 ceilings and that model has the shortest drop from the ceiling. They come in 2 models and ours have a built in LED light as they were replacing the ceiling light fitting. They came with a 5-speed remote. We have found that we no longer use the air conditioning (except on 2 occasions when it was around 40deg) and they are totally silent. It is so nice to have moving air when trying to sleep on those hot sticky nights. We bought the first 2 from Project Lighting but after a significant price rise did some research and found the third one online from for $100 cheaper. It was even delivered between Christmas and New Year! It was dearer than some of the other fans at $300, but we decided the extra cost was worth it for us. They were easy to install as they used the existing wiring, though we did get our builder son to help us.


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