BeerDroid - the droid you're looking for?

We had a look at the BeerDroid automated brewing system, billed as the “world’s first fully-automated personal brewing system”. Read our review and share your thoughts and experiences below.


From the article:

“Our expert, Peter Horvath, did run into frequent error messages blah blah blah”

Expert ?? Peter, I want your job !!!

Later in the article:

“Staffers rated each beer and then chose their favourite of the three.”

Cab-charges all round that night I’ll bet !!

That aside, clearly this is an area where Choice testing is lacking - I’d like to suggest a field test where, say, a few dozen subscribers are provided with the kit, ingredients and enough kegs to properly evaluate the product (eg a years supply, for a football team, just to be sure any irregularities are flattened out in the scale of the testing process). One for the suggestion box maybe? :wink:


Hallelujah there is a god .:heart_eyes: Great idea @draughtrider Put me down as a tester .


Another quote from the article that I missed:

This was a blind tasting so each sample was identified only as A, B or C.

… probably good there was only three - about as far through the alphabet as you can get when ‘blind’ I reckon …

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The product does seem pricey. The brewprints in particular are much more expensive per liter made than standard kits.

Perhaps the tasting should have compared matching styles from DIY kits to droid kits. To me the point is not can it make acceptable beer but how does the price and quality rate compared to manual methods.

One important feature is that it has temperature control, this is important for getting good consistent results - not to mention preventing suds explosions on hot days. In days of yore my brewing was limited to certain seasons for this reason. I wonder what the price would be of just a thermostatic control unit without all the bells and whistles.