Be wary of Latitude Credit Cards

Over many months we tried to close my wife’s Latitude Financial Services account. Numerous emails back and forth didn’t achieve closure, until I threatened to take the issue to the Media. We asked for a balance figure after being told we needed one before their office could proceed further. My wife hadn’t used her card since mid-2021. The balance figure was $502, mostly made up of non-usage fees and interest! Consumers purchasing at Domayne and Joyce Mayne and Myers, be warned!!


Thanks for the warning @Kmg.

You are not the only one that has been caught. Here is an example from Amanda in spot a shonky.

The charges would have been spelled out in some way in the fine print of the agreement you or your wife signed to get the card. If they weren’t, you can ask for the charges to be scotched.


Latitude offer a number of different credit cards, but I assume the one your wife had was the Latitude GO Mastercard ?


Yes it was Scott. When Myer switched to Latitude from their own credit system my wife had no choice but to accept Latitude, but rarely used the card. The last time being in mid-2021. When I, on her behalf, tried to cancel, a stream of emails, phone calls and confusing demands followed. Their Asian sounding staff didn’t help. It was only when I threatened to write and publish, being a retired journalist, just how difficult it was to cancel her card, we were given a ‘balance’ figure of $502, we paid that amount in three instalments by January 9 and I sent photocopies of those payments via Suncorp, her card was closed, As far as we knew the $502 was calculated from non-usage and interest charges?


@Kmg Is this the same company and product?

I have read in various sources today like ABC online news and IT news that Latitude has been hit by a major security breach that has exposed customer information, including driver license details.

If you are one of these customers, you should be hearing from them.

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This is big, as there are 2.8 million customers affected, and won’t end any time soon.