Be careful what you ask your virtual assistant

USA’s Better Business Bureau reports on virtual assistants retrieving and dialling scam phone numbers.


“Auto dial from your smart device.”

I guess they are not so smart after all.
Would that be a major defect or product failure under the ACL? :thinking:

Probably something in the fine print that absolves the service from errors when you agree to share everything. That’s to ensure they can improve and provide the best possible user experience.

No cynicism required. It’s there in the fine print?


Google home, at least, can’t make phone calls in Australia. I’ve tried after seeing promo vids, and all I get is the assistant saying, “sorry, I can’t make calls yet.”


Update: You can now link your Telstra mobile number to Google Home and make voice activated calls via Google Home. It requires a 1 time pin to link the number and the synching of contacts to Google. You can then call anyone in your contacts. It will also allow the calling of 000


Now here is something to worry about.

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