BBQ reviews and reliability scores

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Thanks Brendan and PhilT. The one I am looking at is the one shown by PhilT - it is a very similar price to the Weber.


The Ziggy wins on design. It looks so much happier than the Q !


Just getting back to you on this. There’s been a number of items this year that have been affected by supply chain issues, so unfortunately we couldn’t get this one at the time of the review. Although we do update these periodically and I’ve passed the comments on to the testers for consideration.

Without testing the new model, I can’t give you a firm indication on how it stacks up. Visually, it looks similar to previous models and BBQ tech and engineering typically moves differently than say electronics. If you go into the review and use the filter on the left, you’ll see the previous model under ‘discontinued’. Check out the good points and bad points and measure it with what you find on inspection.

Apologies we couldn’t give you the review you needed this time around.


Thanks Brendan. I have seen the previous reports and they weren’t too complementary to the Ziggy. I was curious as to whether later models have improved, but if you can’t get one you obviously can’t test it. All other comparos I’ve seen just go through the features of the two, which the Ziggy wins, but don’t actually cook on them to tell you which produces the better finished product. My feeling is that the Ziggy has better features but the Weber is the better BBQ

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It’s an observation that applies to many online review sites. All they are genuinely offering is a product guide that may or may not be a reliable cross-section of the available brands and models, IMHO.

Most rely on purchaser feedback to supposedly offer genuine appraisal. It may be well intended comment by many. However each purchaser experience will differ. Individual comments often prioritise different things, while few can genuinely compare using the product recently purchased with the ones they did not.

The benefit of a Choice product review for those products assessed, is the impartial objectivity and for testing a genuine side by side comparison. Based on the previous Choice BBQ reviews we purchased a Weber after also looking at Z&B as well as Weber’s alternatives in store. How many features does a great BBQ need? Two - great cooking and easy to clean. Durability could be a third?