Battling Big Brother

A very interesting article about computers and smartphones spying on their users.

The author has invited all interested parties to communicate with him.


Now your smartphone will know when you are sozzled.

Perhaps Apple and Google will develop a spyware app to call the traffic police if you try driving, of course, only if there are spotters; fees in it for them.

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…every time you open Safari on your iPhone, any website you have in your bookmarks can track that

Wait, what? Why? I have hundreds of desktop browser bookmarks, and if they were phoning home all the time I expect that would be a significant drain on my Internet connection.


The traffic that MS harvest from Win 10 doesn’t take up much data in comparison to data plans these days. It wouldn’t surprise me to think that Apps on your phone and the phone itself use marketing data, bookmarks etc to gather more data. What I do find hard to believe is that a stored bookmark directs any activity unless the cookie for the site detects a return user but that still isn’t the bookmark.


How will it know that you are driving? You could be pissed as but be the passenger e.g. in a taxi (which, after all, is what you are supposed to do).

While this tech, if it panned out, could be useful (providing that it is optional) … they are going to need to bring that BAC down. Testing at 0.2 is all very well but you are still breaking the law at a level well below that.

exceeds the .08 per cent BAC level for the legal limit to operate a motor vehicle

Syndicated content? Because in Australia the limit is .05 in every state and territory as far as I know.

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For the paranoid amongst you… and anyone who has a notion that Big Brother may already be here… a TV Show titled “Person of Interest”. Its on US Netflix, and i think available to buy.