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Barcode Scanning error - Liquorland

I purchased a 4pack of pink gin and tonic marked down as $18 and some bottled wine. When I checked my receipt on the way out I noticed I had been charged $20. I asked the sales person were the cold drinks dearer and he said no. He advised he would refund me he $2. I said the scanning rules say that I should get item for free. He said he had never heard of that. I then showed him a screen shot I have from ACCC Item 4.1 The Item Free Policy and he said he would phone his supervisor. After talking with his supervisor he said that he was advised to only refund $2. Does the scanning rules apply to all store or only Coles and Woolies?


Do you have a link for this law on the ACCC website? I’ve never heard of it




I am unable to find it now but screenshotted this some time ago

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Interesting. I googled (read: duckduckgo searched) a quote from this screenshot and it appears to not exist anywhere on the internet. Are you sure this is actually true?

Edit: I’ve tried searching a couple of quotes just in case the wording has changed, but the document you have photographed definitely does not exist.



I have been trying to find again but unable to - thats why I posted sorry.

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If you ever want to use your consumer rights, it’s always best to have it up on the ACCC website. As we can see in this case, screenshots don’t always have the most up to date information and can’t always be verified :slight_smile:


I appreciate your thoughts. If I find further info I will update.


I believe the free product from a scan price error is a voluntary code, not a legislated requirement. The major groceries are the conspicuous signatories.

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not ACCC

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They may not be a signatory to the Voluntary Scanning Code of Practice

As an example not all IGA Stores are members of their Code of Practice

Woolworths (please note their code on scanning does not apply to Liquor products)

" What does the Supermarkets Scanning Code of Practice cover?

The Supermarkets Scanning Code of practice covers all scanned merchandise within the supermarket, including items that are registered using a PLU number (Price Look up Number).
However the code does not cover:

• Liquor and tobacco products.
• Items with a shelf price of $50 or higher.
• Where an operator error has occurred, for instance the wrong PLU number has been keyed in or the wrong product is identified by the checkout operator."

Coles (again noting this scanning code does not apply to Liquor products and they also address the ACL responsibilities ie only required to refund the difference between the overcharge and the correct price)


Thanks :slight_smile:


I have searched tha ACCC with all the keywords I could think of, and found nothing about the difference between advertised or shelf price and scanned or register price.

As indicated in earlier posts, some businesses have entered into voluntary agreement, but even they have exclusions.

Consequently Liquorland were correct in offering you a refund of the overcharge only.

In future, it is better to call up websites etc rather than relying on screen grabs/shots. IF you do a screen grab/shot you must include the source to make it valid. (Can’t see anything on the one you posted.) Just as with a price comparison, a business must be able to access the information you are referring to to ensure that it is real and not bogus.


In the early days of the modern internet I had a dispute with an online merchant over pricing displayed vs charged. I was looking at their web page that showed ‘my information’ while talking to their rep. They changed the web page to suit ‘their information’ in real-time. No evidence, no problem, no resolution.

It is important to take a screen shot showing the web page URL, date, time, and saving the page(s) just in case so relevant links can be viewed.


They have linked to the Master Grocers Voluntary Agreement but I don’t think LiquorLand is a signatory to that agreement.


I can’t find anywhere which indicates that they are a signatory…and even it they were, the code won’t apply to alcoholic beverages, as section 3.1 of the code states:

The Code does not apply to the following merchandise:
• Liquor products
• Tobacco products
• Sticker priced items

I suspect that these products are excluded from the code for a number of reasons, including the fact they they are heavily taxed and also a business need to keep inventories (e.g. bond) of the stock that they have, under the licences held to sell such products. Another reason is the community backlash if a liquor store/supermarket was giving away ‘free’ smokes or drinks as a result of a shelf labelling error.


Pretty much so.

It definitely does not apply at Liquorland, First Choice Liquor, Dan Murphys amd Bunnings.


Thankyou for your thoughts. I am now confident they have fulfilled their obligations, and I have learnt so much. Kindest regards to all that helped me.