Bank picking up suspicious transactions at Nike store

Has anyone else had their bank contact them about a suspicious transaction at This has happened to me twice in the last 6 weeks, having to cancel my credit card and be without one while waiting to be issued with a new one.

A friend said that scammers randomly generate credit card numbers and try them until they get one that works, maybe nikestore is a common place to try it out and the bank is aware of this and flags it?


There are a number of web sites (and thus software) that generate legitimate credit card numbers, but those by themselves will not get an authorised charge through. They need the number, AND the expiration date, AND usually the CVV to complete a charge transaction. On the balance of probabilities your card was skimmed somewhere or a site you did business with was hacked and your card details stolen.

If incorrect expiration dates or wrong CVV are repeatedly entered it will trip the issuers security systems.


I don’t use my credit card a lot, only automatic payments to world vision, my internet provider and a NZ company who I have been purchasing regurlarly from for years. These would have been the only people who had my number and then mynew number both times the card was flagged. There were a few other purchases for one of the times it was compromised but not the other, so maybe I should follow up with the first 3 to check if they have been hacked.


Many companies don’t know they have been hacked until the complaints/questions come in.

If you use your card online is it possible you have acquired some nasty software that is sending your information to a hacker? If you have not, run a complete PC scan with your antivirus and then malwarebytes (free version).

If that does not provide a ‘smoking gun’ check the dates you used/updated with your replacement cards to see if one of the companies had the details prior to the bogus charge, but the others did not yet have them to try narrowing it down. If your card is compromised again don’t update with all your suppliers at once but wait until the ‘last moment’ to see if a bogus charge can be linked to one of them.


Who is the NZ company please as I am having the same problem - same transaction, 2 cards now. Thanks Penny. You can text NZ0274856567

I am still using the company and have had no problems with my new number. They are a NZ supplement company who sell practitioner products only.