Baking Sheets

Since I am moving away from disposable I looked at getting a baking sheet. Apparently 2000-3000 uses per one. I never bake that much, so it’s a life time investment if I look after it properly.

Since my oven is rather small I need a quarter size one. Found on on Amazon ‘silpat’ and $21 so good price, but comments below put me off as apparently silpat and they didn’t say which size is fake, not made in France but in China. Thin, peeling, everything is burning on it.

Has anyone purchased any other brand of baking sheet? Any suggestions and hints?


Have a look at non-stick BBQ sheets like this one…

They work well in the oven but not sure if they will last 2000-3000 uses (I suspect the other one you have found won’t either).

Also look on eBay as there are ‘thick silicone baking sheets’ for about the same price…


Thank you, great tip but I was after this

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Amazon Australia stocks Silpat Baking Mats


Mine came from House, their “Soffrito” private label and they are really great.
Not easy to clean and dry, but thats the trade off with most reusable options.

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I know, but as I stated in my post, many are commenting that they are fake.

Thank you. Wasn’t sure about other labels, hence the post.

It appears the genuine silpat are made in France and cost in the order of $45 each.

If you are after a known brand one, there are ones like this for half the price…

If you are worried about quality, maybe buy from a known Australian store to ensure you are covered by the ACL


FWIW for me the best method is the grease and flour one. I use it on
baking/roasting trays, bread tins, muffin cups…
Many people are unhappy with silicone mats baking: flat, dense, brown…


I am aware that they are expensive. Some places are selling original and they are cheaper, it all depend on the size.

As stated previously I need quarter size due to small oven.

I think they burn (brown) to much due to the product being fake.

I might have to go back to butter, flour as trying to get away from disposable.

Silicone is silicone and the burning possibly wouldn’t be due to the price point. Possibly thinner sheets may transfer heat more quickly from the underlying tray.

Also the final finish may determine how non-stick it is. Like any non-stick surface, they might not be fully non-stick but add to other standard oiling/flouring practices.

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Wilton baking products are good quality, long lasting and come in many different sizes. Have a look at their webiste The products are available in Australia even in Big W, Spotlight and Kitchen Warehouse among other outlets.

I use Zeal a baking sheet and cake moulds. Never have to grease them, they’re brilliant. Had them about 5 years. Originally bought from Peters of Kensington, still available in a few places.

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I bought these in September last year and love them. I use them on flat trays (e.g. roasting veggies, pizza, etc) and also use the small one for lining baking dishes (e.g. brownies). I have had no issues with the quality e.g. peeling or burning as mentioned in earlier posts. They have gone a bit brown around the edges but that hasn’t affected their performance.

Now just to find some that fit my bread and cake tins :wink:

Made in France is original and commercial quality.

Fake made in China is not same quality

Thank you!

Even their large one fits into my small oven.

Will look into it. As I am starting to bake a bit.