Bakers Delight

Has anybody else noticed that the size of Bakers Delight bread and rolls have all of a sudden gotten smaller?

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Not personally, because I make most of my own bread these days, but it wouldn’t surprise me at all, as it is in keeping with the general trend of downsizing of food product size/weight, whilst maintaining or increasing the price!
In order to downsize, they’d need to completely replace all their bread tins, so perhaps it is an opportunity to buy some on the cheap and make your own?

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Thanks for the heads up @agdm.thomas, we’ll check it out.

Perhaps they don’t put as much mixture in then?

Are they smaller length by width, or just not as high? What about weight- I suppose they could let them rise for longer, so that you get a lighter texture bread of the same volume, but reduced weight.

We also make our own bread and only recently purchased a couple of loaves which immediately we noticed the size difference. It would appear that the height is the culprit. Maybe I’m baking up the wrong tree here?

I noticed this maybe 5 or 6 years ago and began buying supermarket bread after that. At the time Bakers Delight bread didn’t seem to be much bigger than Melba toast. So they must have shrunk even more lately.

It’s possible but i have found that they can vary in sizes depending who is the baker possibly

Yes …definitely, this started in wholegrain loaves I was buying some 18 months ago. I stopped buying from them , and now go to a smaller Bakery. Bread fantastic

As someone said above Bakers Delight would have to replace all their tins and they are not going to do that think of the cost! But! Bakers Delight quality varies from shop to shop and I have found that a loaf of sour dough Vienna might be smaller at one store than another. The reason for the size difference in my opinion is because of the lack of proving before baking. Less proving gives a smaller less developed loaf.


Have they i hardly go in to there shops as when they first started out they seemed more generous.I could go on about alot of things for example if you remember Cadbury got in trouble or people complained about the size of there blocks several years ago. Cadbury i think defended there situation because i remember when i was younger cadburys blocks were higher in size and also a larger block overall. Im sure it was because they got bought out by mondaleze that global giant.These companies i guess wont stop with trying to get more out of the consumer unless we don’t buy there product full stop maybe. Also with chocolates and chips etc they also get people in by putting them on special at convenient times all to get us all into thinking we are saving money.