Badge challenge 🛡

We’ve recently released some new badges that you can earn from using the forum, including a badge for Shonky Spotter and Fact Finder plus existing the BS Buster badge.

Now we’re challenging Community members to earn as many badges in each category as possible to celebrate. To receive a badge, all you need to do is to create a topic or leave a correct reply in any of the corresponding SpotAShonky, Is it true? and Mythdefied categories.

Those who earn the most badges during February-March in 2019 will receive a special opportunity to submit an on-topic post that we will feature in the forum and across other networks where allowed. It’s a also a unique opportunity to be recognised and receive further status in the Community with rare special additions for your profiles.

Feel free to add any ideas for a myth to bust, facts to check or Shonkys that needing exposing below.


An update on the badge challenge: We’ve counted the efforts so far and @phb has led the challenge, earning nine badges across the categories. A special shout out to @njfking who earned nine badges in the recall category. We’ll be in touch with more detail.