Bad LG microwave experience

I purchased an LG microwave in 2020

Did my research. Choice rated it well.

Woke up this morning with display playing up. tried resetting it, still not fixed

Rang LG too late so tried online.

They want me to take it to service center. I told them I cannot lift it nor do I have a car.
Had to tell them 3 times

Couldn’t get an answer how long the warranty on display is not how much replace/repair is.

she kept on asking me for my address so she can tell me where to take it.

have never had a display issue. Had other microwaves for a decade.

Never touching LG again.

Hi @annaa63, unless you bought the microwave directly from LG, I would be taking it back to the retailer where you purchased it.

Contact the retailer, explain your problems including inability to take it back to the store and hopefully they work with you to provide a resolution.


I talked to retailer after I posted on here.

Just heard back from them. Microwaves have to be dropped off in order to be serviced.

I also learned that my microwave has a 2yo warranty. Something I could not get an LG person to tell me.

it fixed itself now, will wait till it stops working and will just replace it. There is no car so impossible to get it anywhere.

Never touching anything LG again.

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Pretty much all appliances have computers to manage the various functions.

Sometimes the program goes wrong, and a ‘reboot’ is required. With something like a microwave oven that means power off for a few minutes (to let capacitors discharge) and back on again to restart the program.

I wouldn’t discount LG as a brand just because of a computer blip.


I am fully aware that EVERYTHING has a mother board and has had for decades.

I did a soft reset and a few hard resets.

I am not happy with the customer service. As it’s just over a year old computer should not be glitching. There is no moisture near the microwave.

There are a few design features I don’t like either, but as I purchased it online and not in store I didn’t notice them.

I can fix most things without reading the manual… I knew a reboot would be required…