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Bad communication with Southern Phone

Will not stop billing me even though I have moved to AGL. Have tried and tried everyway I can think of all to no avail. Next stop will be TIO. this has been occurring since September '21. Even AGL have contacted them and thought it was sorted - but no way!


Welcome @angie

Interesting situation.
You have switched to AGL mobile, and yet the owner of Southern Phone is…AGL.


First I’ll assume you did not have a plan with Southern for some fixed term whereby the only way to prematurely end it will be in the plan T&C, and something may have gotten missed but they remain unhelpful to clear it up?

Have you submitted a formal complaint yet rather than going to their ‘customer facing’ agents?

Are you only receiving bills or have they been taking direct debits? If taking direct debits see these other topics that include links to resources as well as rules. Note it is a different process to stop direct debits for a bank debit vs a credit card debit.

You seem a very patient person. I suspect most in your situation would have done that months ago. Please keep your topic updated as your experience and eventual path to resolution may help others who find themselves in a similar predicament.

AGL is not known for their administrative competency (to be kind) and this problem suggests they may have trained Southern Phone.


So tell AGL that the issue is not resolved. They are the company to deal with.

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