Backup/cloud services

The recent Choice reviews of cloud backup and cloud storage both did not include MS One Drive. I subscribe to MS 365 and have done so for a number of years now and it gives me all the MS software and 5TB of cloud storage on One Drive which can be arranged to automatically back up. When one considers that for around $130 pa it includes all the MS software including all updates and 5TB of storage/backup it is extremely good value.


I agree. My experience with One Drive is that it is automatic and reliable, but if you go to the One Drive folder online (for example to restore a file) it is clunky.


I read the Looking for online cloud backup? Article & I was expecting to see Dropbox on the list.
I have been using DropBox for over 10 years & the product has a lot to offer in terms of backing up data & sharing files with friends.

I am in agreement with Bella888. How can a cloud backup review be complete without Dropbox… and for Apple users, iCloud as well. However, I understand that this review was focused on making a mirror image of the entire drive for easy restoration in case of hard drive failure, rather than recover a file or a folder as needed.