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Choice have just released Australia’s Top Oven Brands for 2020. Miele was the top brand again, for the 4th year in a row. Yet, if you go to the oven reviews and recommendations, either for freestanding or wall ovens, Miele is not well represented in the top scoring ovens. How do we reconcile those two quite different performance reviews?


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The methodology is described in the report. Is there something additional you are questioning? Furthermore if one peruses test reports (laboratory tests in a controlled environment) they sometimes are quite different from user hands-on experiences as revealed in the Community and member comments and recommendations attached to the reviews. Consumers are the ultimate testers at the end of the day; Choice can only test for a given period but consumers own and use products for extended times, in uncontrolled conditions that often reveal aspects that a laboratory evaluation may not.


No, nothing additional being questioned. It was just an observation that if you look at the oven reviews for Wall Ovens from Oct 2020, or Freestanding Ovens for Jan 2021, Miele is not well represented in those tests, and doesn’t appear on the Freestanding Oven list of recommended ovens. The logical inference would be that the Best Oven Brand for 2020 would be well represented in those reviews. But it does highlight, as you note, the need to account for the different criteria being used to judge individual ovens in a review, and those criteria applied to the “Best Ovens” evaluation over a given period. Thanks for your comment and clarification.


Personally, I will stick with Bosch.


Choice often only reviews new models which have been released from the previous review. It is possible that Miele hasn’t released any new models since October 2020, thus they haven’t been tested and recommended in the Jan 2021 review. The Oct 2020 and Jan 2021 reviews need to be read together, or for one to look at the online reviews which has the fill listing of ovens. Full listing can be found here (online member content):


I’m going to have to stick with Chef. Australian made. Not sure about ownership

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