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Australia's appliance shortage

In recent months, we’ve had increased reports about appliance shortages, creating issues for people tracking down the model they want. We offer some advice on how to best navigate the situation.

Have you experienced a recent appliance shortage?


Aside from what was mentioned in the article, we might also feel the effects of the increasing political tensions between China and Australia. At the moment they are clamping down on our exports, but with increasing tensions, it may escalate to China slowing or even stopping goods we import.


About as likely as Australia stopping exports of iron ore and coal to China.

China from time to time runs down internal stockpiles, in particular of coal. It improves foreign exchange and puts downward pressure on the pricing of foreign supply. This time around it is concurrent with actions that are impacting other Aussie exports.

I’ll be looking for goods made in SE Asia India etc. Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam all have expanding manufacturing including motor vehicles and white goods. Both the Honda two-strokes were made in Thailand, the big mower is from the USA and the tractor S Korea.

Although more universally interesting recent purchases like the Phillips Air Frier, Delonghi kettle and toaster are all made in China. Also the TCL flat screen.

Bunnings import a great deal of their product from China, but we are not talking appliances necessarily. Their shelves seem well stocked with nails, screws and cheap floor/wall tiles.