Australian produced food product, goes imported, price stays the same

All of Woolworths pork isn’t ‘moisture infused’. Woolworths, like Coles, have some products which during their preparation cause additional moisture to enter the meats. This includes products like pickled pork or pre-prepared flavoured products, such as this one. Woolworths does have a special ‘moisture infused pork chops’, but also offer pork chops without this treatment.

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Woolworths is no different, see:

The supermarkets have been very effective in advertising their products being ‘free’ of something to create a perceived advantage over their competitors. This gives the impression that others must not be the same, however, this isn’t the case. A good example is the claim of ‘hormone free chicken’. The Australian poultry industry doesn’t use ‘hormones’ Such advertising creates urban myths which were reported in the this ABC article:

Unfortunately social media perpetuates these urban myths and with information contrary to reliable facts. As many rely on social media for their ‘news’, it allows urban myths to be entrenched into mainstream views.


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Although NSW had a big drop in production from around 2008, SA,Vic and QLD by eye seem to be the 3 biggest producers today.