Australian made mayonnaise

I was shopping in Coles and was checking the Australian made content of Mayo. I thought Praise would be a contender for high Australian content. Very disappointing that their is vey little Aussie Mayo on supermarket shelves. Surprise that Aldi the German Supermarket does stock 99% Aussie made Mayo in a glass jar. I checked Goodman Fielder (maker of Praise mayonnaise) an old Australian company has been sold off to overseas owners…


Mine is 99.734% or better made in Oz. My eggs, lemons and garlic plus Cobram EVOO. The salt could be imported.


I just checked the squeeze bottle of Praise Free Range Egg Mayo in the fridge, and whilst it states that the eggs are Australian, the Australian content is only 40%.

I bought it after we finally finished our last bottle of delicious Birch & Waite Signature Whole Egg Mayo despite it being around a year out of date.

Birch & Waite’s website show it as only being stocked by Harris Farm who only have stores in NSW, and as it is a refridgerated product, it is not suitable to order online.

Woollies used to sell it but dropped it after previously dropping Birch & Waite’s even more delicious Chilli & Lime Mayo.

Thanks for nothing Woollies.


Very occasionally, Coles surprises…

And I like the taste, as well.


It isn’t hard to make at home if one is a good beater or uses a food processor. Then you can guarantee it is 100% Australian, using 100% Australian ingredients…without unnecessary processed food ingredients. There are heaps of recipes online, like this one…

Once you have made it, you won’t buy the over acidic factory manufactured ones.

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Or a fork or a small whisk. The difficulties of making your own egg mayo by hand are greatly exaggerated. It does not require a great deal of beating, nor is it so unstable that you will have to pray to the food Goddess to make it work, nor is it time consuming. I will see if I can come up with something on this topic.