Australia’s Technology Investment Roadmap, developments and consultation

Apparently this is a follow on from prior work, and embodies similar ideas to a 2017 CSIRO report.
It includes proposals for key policy decisions and changes in national energy usage. These have broad impacts on consumers in respect of energy costs, transport and longer term environmental outcomes.

Important to note is the opportunity for public submissions to be made up to 21 June 2020.

P.S. you need to follow through the links to get to the Discussion Paper. Or follow this link. :slightly_smiling_face:


Argumentative point - when a government by design and action has no control of budgets beyond the next election, and they can also make retroactive laws, is there any point in planning a future for most anything except that which is key to winning that next election?

The coalition seems to pride itself on dismantling anything an ALP government starts, and an ALP government usually takes it own pen to that it inherits from a coalition mob.

Hence such reports are academically interesting, often very on point with meaningful recommendations, that go to the pollies to be shredded. Predictably this report is loaded with governmental grandfathering statements to comfort their supporters. The list of surveyed industries is huge with a month to make a formal submission?

Is it all window dressing as usual?