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I recently paid for an Express item to come from Geelong Vic to 6169 W.A.
This premium postage cost me Shipping $23.55
It was posted and received by Shipping information received by Australia Post
column time and date, Tue 19 Mar • 2:47pm
Then it came TODAY: Onboard for delivery


column time and date,Tue 26 Mar • 6:54am
I contacted Aust Post for a refund only to be told that I need to seek a refund from the sender??
Why when I was given a tracking number from the sender??
So the Late delivery is Australia Post fail so they should give me a refund??
Looks like I have to wear the cost and the fail… at least I have my stuff even though it’s late, is it better late than never??



The delivery guarantee is from Auspost, but their customer is the sender not yourself, even though you are the aggrieved party. Contact the sender for a refund as Auspost directed, because that is where your own ‘contract for delivery’ lies.

The sender should get their own refund from Auspost and that should not be made your problem.

Make sure Auspost includes your area in the guarantee, although a week is a bit much for any ‘express’ service and if it was not in the overnight coverage the item should neither have been accepted nor charged for express service.


Hi Terri

Don’t bother chasing a refund because you won’t get one.

Firstly, as @PhilT said the sender is the client even though you paid for it. As I’m sure you will understand, few businesses would go up against AusPost because they don’t want problems with their deliveries.

Even if you did try to complain; I can’t remember the exact wording used by AusPost in their Terms and Conditions, but it is something like AusPost “aims to” not “guarantees to” deliver to these places within these times…

As you say, just be glad it got to you.


He should get one from his vendor.

Re the Auspost ‘guarantee’


so, the vendor should reimburse you, and Aupost should reimburse thevendor or otherwise make them ‘whole’.

Actually a bit vapid, but there should be something in it for failure to deliver.


It may be useful to know that Aust Post also has an online tool for estimating delivery times and postage. Useful for parcels and express postage.

Incidentally it suggests express postage of a parcel from Geelong to Port Kennedy in one to two days. $24.90 in a satchel up to 5kg. None express parcels are quoted as 5-6 days.

If you provide your own package, up to 22kg and just over 1m max length, it does get a little expensive for the service. You may need an extra number at the start of the quote. A 1 or perhaps a 2, ouch!

Of course nothing is certain with AP. I once sent an overnight express post envelope between two towns in Qld that were directly connected by road 300 km and a bus route with mail service. It took 4 days, because the mail was only carried in one direction away from the destination. The express mail had to find it’s way to Brisbane nearly 1,000km away before being sent back to near where it came from on an outbound carrier? :persevere:


I ordered a computer part on Monday morning delivering to WA from Melbourne.
Australia Post Standard: $15 1-2 weeks
Startrack Express: $16 Next Day Delivery

How is there such a gap in service when Startrack is owned by Australia Post?


Startrack doesn’t use camels.



I’m also from Geelong lol.The most important thing it did arrive.If it didn’t you would have plenty to complain about


Hi Buzz3
Don’t get me wrong I am more than happy I got my package but it was a bit disappointing that I paid $25.80 for EXPRESS postage which usually takes 3 working days to get here as I use this service and seller a lot.


If you paid for express postage surely that constitutes a major failure, making you entitled to a refund.

No reasonable consumer would pay for express postage knowing it would take weeks.


So are you going to cop $25.80 that your vendor should refund to you (see my earlier post) and just making your experience known, or are you making a claim for the refund and if so, how is it going?


I asked the sender for a refund and they gave me a FULL postage refund so thanks.


Well done, and was happy to assist. Cheers,


I know when ordering stuff from vistaprint they give I think 3 postage options I always go with the cheapest and usually get it within the time frame offered for the more expensive ones :slightly_smiling_face:


The problem is this:

So the seller has entered the parcel details into the Australia Post system. This is NOT a guarantee that they’ve posted it. This is common practice with eBay sellers.

They enter the details so it looks like it’s shipped, but then they don’t post it for days.


You can’t trust Australia Post especially if you buy things from Victoria. Earlier this year I bought some equipment from Melbourne. The guaranteed delivery time to where I live in WA was two weeks. The result was three weeks.
Then in March I bought some medicine for my dog from a vendor in Geelong. After three weeks the item still hasn’t arrived. When I phoned the vendor this morning they told me that Australia Post discovered my parcel at Tullamarine Airport earlier this morning - it had been there for three weeks. The vendor said similar results occurred with thirty other parcels they posted.
So buying things from Victoria is risky when the delivery is by Australia Post.

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The fault could be with the airline carrying the goods?


I have to laugh that this topic titled “Australia Post” is listed under “Services” … but moving right along …

I’ve had two recent experiences with AP’s parcel delivery that illustrate a trend I have experienced for some time now …

First one, advised by customer email it was sent, 8 days later I get an “its on its way” message from Australia post - I log in and hit the tracking number to find it has already travelled nearly 2000 km’s and is sitting in my local post office, where the tracking says it was “processed at facility” early that morning, and later that morning “arrived at facility”. Same day I get an SMS and email saying there is mail in my PO box - I hit the PO box at about 1745 and pick up a couple of letters. 1810 or so, after the parcel window is closed, I get an SMS and email saying the parcel can be collected …

Second one was almost identical - only 6 days this time and bang on 1800 when I get the SMS and email…

It wasn’t that long ago that, while parcels still travelled at a glacial pace, there was lots of tracking scans and you knew what was up - now it seems they either don’t do those scans or they obscure them from the user, and wait until the parcel has actually arrived at its destination before they even admit they have it … then wait until after the parcel window is closed to notify customers.

Disappointing to say the least, but not surprising … no accountability … luckily for Australia Post their profit doesn’t rely on customer service/satisfaction …


couldn’t help myself …



I’ve just received a reply (if not a response) from Australia Post regarding them taking six (6) days to deliver an Express Post bag from a Perth suburb to Queanbeyan (which is effectively a suburb of Canberra). Apparently “the location of where this item was posted from to the intended suburb does fall outside the Express Post Network”.

The bag was handed over the counter at the local, official Post Office.

This raises the question: if Australia Post feels no commitment to deliver an Express Post item within the implied time-frame, why are they selling punters Express Post bags?