Australia Post....try to contact them!

Australia Post is just another example of big business wanting your money but having as little contact with you as possible. It is impossible to contact your local branch unless you go through an Australia wide screening and phone menu process and even then you may not have direct contact with your branch.
Then try to send them an email! A full form to fill out and a registration and password required!
We travelled to the nearest Post Office to have a passport renewal done only to find that the passport camera wasn’t functioning. So they said comeback again. Fair enough. So a simple phone call before driving another 20 kms again to see if the camera was working seemed a sensible thing to do. If only it was possible!


Yep, my neighbours’ mail was not held as they had paid for while on holiday, I received a priority paid package marked morgage on Friday for a street number and first letter the same as mine 2ks away which I hand delivered, then a letter for another street arrived. The post office said they would hand this to the postie but they couldn’t help with my neighbours mail delivery, nothing to do with them, they are just a shop in a stand alone post office it seems. Another core community service sold out?


Was that a Post Office or a Licensed Post Office?

The Licensed Post Offices (LPO’s) are essentially franchised businesses that sign up for some or all of Auspost services.

I am not sure if it was ever different, or if it was when it changed.

I too have found the staff in Post Offices are increasingly at arm’s length from the delivery part of Auspost, and your characterisation they are just a shop in a stand alone post office seems right on.


Not a LPO - a “post office shop” according to their website. All the nearby villages on the outskirts of Melbourne have Licenced Post Offices I noticed.


I had not focused on ‘post office shops’ as a term before. Interesting. Now that you mentioned it, every problem I have had in recent years the ‘Post Office Shop’ has fobbed me off to the central number. Maybe they are essentially ‘company owned LPO’s’ with the same relationship to the sorting and delivery systems, ie none.


I was thinking more a circus filled with clowns … but that’s a bit unkind, I know a couple of good people who work for AP.

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Yes, I had this problem too. I needed to contact the local PO about something only they could answer. I went through the call centre rigmarole and was told that I could not speak to the local office, but they would relay a message. My message was for the local office to call me back, but they never did. At the time I could not access the local PO physically.


I suggest you all write to the Federal Minister for Communications and ask for assistance. The more letters the better. He has to reply. Then take the letters to the media complaining that he is not solving a basic problem that voters are having to deal. Often in these replies is a reference to a local MP. Local MPs like something to show they are taking action. Follow up with a letter to a cross bench Senator and talk about how much the AustPost boss is getting paid for bad service to citizens.

Maybe there will be no change but at least you have caused a reaction.


There are some Post Offices listed in some Yellow Pages under Postal Services, obviously these outlets have to pay for this listing. Once you have been to an outlet, you can ask them for their phone number for future reference.


I have suffered similarly. A while ago I wanted to talk to their National Sales Manager regarding a deal that was potentially major business for them.

There is only one number listed for AP and I ended up with a Call Centre operator who said he could not put me through, because of “privacy”.

Not only does that say something about AO’s management, but also the way in which companies’ “Privacy Officers” misread the Act!


Totally agree. I get the impression they hate communicating with customers. I have had phone calls terminated and emails not responded to. The customer service from Australia Post is overall of the worse kind. It really drives you away from doing business with them. Some of the staff have very nasty type attitudes - as if you as a customer are an interruption to their day when you are asking for help and information.

Thanks for telling us they did not call you back. This makes me not want to do business with them. It is totally unacceptable.