Australia Post Redirection Services

@bronwastaken that’s interesting to hear. Maybe parcel redirection from MyPost isn’t operational yet? I’m glad you were able to get your parcel in time :slight_smile:

They’ve actually managed to start redirecting the parcels now. Instead of a small yellow redirection sticker like the letters do, the parcels have a large white redirection label added to them. Only had to complain 3 times before they started doing their job properly. Shouldn’t be many parcels left for us that will need redirections by now.

This has been my experience as well. Every year I have a temporary redirection in place for a fixed five week period. This redirection works perfectly for letters, but NEVER works for parcels, despite regular advice from Australia Post that it should. Luckily, I have a good neighbour…

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Mail redirect doesnt include most parcels. I found out the hard way like you.

Seriously stupid.

2.5 “articles” means letter mail and parcel post articles.

4 Exclusions
4.1 Australia Post is not bound to redirect articles where in the reasonable opinion of
Australia Post:
4.1.1 it could be difficult to isolate the article from another article directed to the
same address;
4.1.2 the service is being used in the furtherance of a criminal offence; or
4.1.3 the sender has prohibited the redirection of mail.
4.2 Australia Post will not be obliged to redirect an article from Australia to an overseas
destination and may deem an article undeliverable and may return an article to the
4.2.1 unless the necessary customs documentation is affixed; or
4.2.2 if the original carriage of the article included the Domestic Registered Service
or the Cash on Delivery Service; or
4.2.3 if the article is a parcel or an express post article.

Thanks @Khary for the link and info…that looks like where the real problem lies. They have no obligation to so it, even though it would be relatively easy to so (for local redirections).

In the case of a parcel or packet being redirected overseas, it might not be so easy if its origin was domestic - no customs declaration.

I recently had my Mother-in-Law stay with me in Canberra, she is from near Newcastle. During her 8-week stay she had her mail redirected to my house. However, TEN days AFTER the expiry of the redirection mail was still delivered to my address with the expiry date clearly marked on the sticker!!
I am not sure whether this is an example of someone failing to notice that the redirection had expired or just very slow delivery by Australia Post?
I tried to phone Australia Post but as I was not THE customer they refused to even talk to me because of ‘privacy’. All I wanted to talk about was the issue of the mail still being redirected after the expiry date, but I was continually interrupted and spoken over, the call centre person just told me he could not discuss the issue - end of story!
My Mother-in-Law is 83 and is not comfortable dealing with bureaucracy, or using the phone, not to mention she is back home and just wants her mail delivered!
Not happy!