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Australia Post Everyday Mastercard - Not accepted most places

Australia Post Everyday Mastercard started changing from it’s Load&Go card over a year ago. Now they offer the Everyday Mastercard as a replacement. The Load&Go worked fine, I never had an issue.
AusPost states it is accepted by retailers & anywhere ‘Mastercard is accepted by the online retailer’. BUT it turns out that for most users of the card, it has been unsuccessful in purchasing items online, paying bills online & many other instances.
For me I have always had online purchases ‘declined by card issuer’ and have only successfully used it at my local coles in person.
Many people on ProductReview have expressed similar effects with the card.
What is the point of having a card to dedicate to online purchases (for security reasons) if it simply cannot be used online in anyway. Plus you have to pay an initial card fee of $7.95 for the pleasure of finding this out.
This is my nomination for this years shonky-awards


I bought mine to make purchases on eBay and I haven’t had any problem with it. I haven’t used it for any other online purchase yet.


Welcome to the community @c.w,

As per the many bad reviews and Auspost responses on productreview , have you rang Auspost on 1800 549 718 to ask what the problem is? One of the Auspost responses gives an alternative phone support number of +44 207 649 9404 (the UK!) making their ‘Australian’ support organisation a bit sus. Some posts report being fobbed off back and forth, but if one does not have a go getting it sorted one may never get it sorted. You might have had a go and gotten nowhere but not included that information?

We would appreciate an update if you get any resolution, or even lack thereof.

You final option might be getting a refund if it does not work in a reasonable manner. Check the Australian Consumer Law website for your rights.