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I have listed this under Scams rather than Travel because this sounds more like a money / identity grab than a legitimate travel opportunity.

I received a call from AussieLand Travel - offering 6 days accommodation for the family (2 adults + 2 children) $309 total, any time of the year 4 & 5 star hotels & car hire, lifetime discount, fully transferable to friends & family, valid for 2 years, Australia & NZ, fully refundable at any time & can be extended. Kept adding more and more to the tale, so I got the impression he would say anything to get me signed up.

Told me we are one of 200 families specially selected for this, in return they want our opinion of the hotel, hire car etc. Would not take NO for an answer. Directed me to the website telling me packages (including the $309) were now sold out, need to act now.

Said their ABN was 38637881460 - told me all sorts of tales about how this ABN means they are a fully Govt approved and vetted business - although it is “ALT Australia”.
We are on the Do Not Call register. They addressed me by my surname. I hung up and they rang back, I hung up and blocked the number. I did a report for Scamwatch.

Their website is and it is American spelling with some quaint things like “Discover The Australia”. I googled Aussie Land Travel and only their www and Facebook come up. No reviews etc. Little information about them. I won’t be buying.

Edit - they rang on (02) 6169 7549 - has many recent reports and 100% scam score.


Definite scam website. One just needs to look at their T&Cs to see something doesn’t stack up…

It looks like someone has used Google Translate.

The only contact information is:

  • Sydney, Australia
  • (02) 8003 3903/ (have added these derivations 0280033903 and 02 8003 3903 so they come up in internet searches)
  • support

which should ring alarm bells. There is no street address or information about whether they are licensed travel agents.


Following this one up - The business is not with the Australian Federation of Travel Agents. The legislation has changed and a travel agency does not need to be licenced, however that means little protection for consumers.

Their Contact Us page does not load.
They claim to have been in business for 7 years but have little evidence, no reviews, no other web footprint. The ABN 38 637 881 460 and company ALT Australia Pty Ltd that they claim, was registered a year ago, they moved in March 2020.

They appear to be selling “tokens” to be used at participating businesses. Their Terms & Conditions say that they are not responsible for disappointment caused by refusal to honour these. As @phb has noted the T&Cs are weird.

  • Any deferral by or disappointment of a taking a participating business to tell us of the subtleties of a benefit
  • Disappointment by you to exploit an advantage due to resistance of the conditions (counting restricted time offers) determined by the associated business.

I suspect they have told people (me included) that they have access to lots of hotel chains and travel providers, and then sell us a package eg 6 nights accommodation for a family of 4 and when you try to book no-one will honour it, they will point you back to the T&Cs that they are not responsible. You’ve done your money. That’s if you can contact them…


I am currently on the phone with them know. Am just throwing questions and queries at them.


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