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Aussie Broadband and the NBN Experience



Aussie Broadband charges for VOIP by the call; otherwise I am happy with them.


…or you could pay them $10 pm more for unlimited local and national calls, or $20 pm including mobile calls. When features and services are considered ABB is one of the higher cost RSPs but everyone neither needs nor wants VOIP (except maybe for incoming calls) or fetch TV boxes or …


The May ACCC report is a (downside) surprise re ABB :frowning:


So the police is looking into it?


Suggest you spend a few minutes with your fav search engine to find the exceptions, such as ‘police’ that is by definition a plural. You will find many hits about it, most that are scholarly not throwaways.


when using a generalised term, such as ‘police’ or ‘politicians’, these are normally taken to be plural. If you were to refer to a specific entity, you might say “the NSW Police Department is looking into it”. Note the use of the proper noun, and hence capitalisation.

This can lead to confusion, as in the following example where a proper noun has become a common noun:

  • “We heard yesterday that Google has decided to exit the search engine business”
  • “Why don’t you just google it?”

The same has happened with numerous terms over the centuries, and in most cases we don’t even remember the originator. Take, for example, aspirin. Originally a trademark, it is now used to refer to the active ingredient.


I did this last night. It took about three minutes to enter the account details and settings, get the VOIP up, and confirm with a couple of calls.

In contrast, it took me 15 minutes on the phone with iinet to cancel our ADSL account. :roll_eyes: