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Aussie Bacon, now with missing tails

Anyone aware of the “scam” perpetrated by the Bertocchi company? Ok vegans, avert your eyes.
This company sells bacon as Aussie product. 99% local. No probs with that. I buy "long bacon: and until recently that was what I received. Lately the packaging and product name unchanged but the streaky end has disappeared. They also sell short bacon labels as such. The difference? About 1cm or so. Where did the streaky bit go? The product in my opinion is misrepresented!
Wrote to the company complaining, they offered a replacement if I sent a sample.


We have been buying Bertocchi Long Rindless Bacon for many years, but when my wife opened a pack the other day, she commented about the tails being missing…

I have just looked at the unopened pack in the fridge and it is also missing the tails.

I will email Bertocchi to see what they have to say about it.



As Bertocchi does not list an email address on their website, I called them yesterday and explained the problem with the missing tails.

The operator asked for my name, phone number, the product name, the Use By Date, the name and location of the retailer, and whether I had the purchase receipt, and said that she would get someone from quality assurance to call me back.

When I was at our local Woollies yesterday, I checked their version of Bertocchi Long Rindless Bacon and the packs still had the tails on the rashers.

However, our local Coles had a pack dated February which had the tails intact but all the other packs, which were dated March, had the tails missing.

A person from Bertocchi quality assurance called me this morning and requested that I email her the photos so she could investigate the matter, which I have done.

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Tried to reply to your post not sure whether that went through. Will try to cut and paste it in below. Went to Woolies today. Long rashers! A new batch.
Thanks for your comment. I emailed them and got this reply

Regards Bronte

Hello Bronte,

Thank you for your email. Our QA team has reviewed retention samples from the last 2 weeks production and are happy to report that all 400g punnets were observed to have long rindless bacon rashers with full tails.

Investigation has revealed that the tail at the shoulder end of some Australian rindless middles were trimmed shorter than specification. Raw material suppliers have been contacted. QA has instructed production to re-grade this section of the rindless middles and not to pack it into the 400g Long Rindless punnet. We hope that this will rectify the issue.

As we mentioned in our previous email, we are happy to replace any incorrect packs with proof of purchase.

Apologies again for the inconvenience and Happy New Year from all at Bertocchi.

Kind regards,


An interesting question might be whether the ‘nutrition panel’ information is correct for the difference in product?

Without the long tails is the product lower fat higher protein? Don’t mention the health stars. :yum:

Typically also a more expensive product when sold as short-cut rashers.

Good to see Bertocchi being so responsive, although the mention by the brand that

Suggests that others process the product between the piggery and slicing/packaging. To what extent is not clarified. Raw sides of pork or middles cut from a cured bacon ‘flitch’? It sounds as if it is likely the latter.


I have not heard back from Bertocchi as yet but when I was at our local Coles the other day, there was no stock of Bertocchi long bacon.

When I was there yesterday, there were many packs of it and all the packs I looked at had the tails intact, so it appears that there had been an internal recall.

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