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Aurora Foods - It's Vegan Gelato Recall. Sold In NSW, SA, Tas & Vic


A recall notice for 2 types of I’ts Vegan Gelato supplied by Aurora Foods Pty Ltd and sold in NSW, SA Tas & Vic due to the presence of an undeclared allergen (milk),

So much for the claim that the products were dairy free.


It may be that it is just a possible presence because it was made using machinery that also treated milk or milk based products. On visiting their web site I noticed that they also produced various dairy based products and this makes it much more likely that it was using machines that also handled dairy product.

The recall does note that a person with an allergy to dairy “may” have a reaction and this covers a lot of maybes. But forewarned is fore armed as the saying goes.


I’ve heard of all sorts of flavours for gelato, but never one made from or flavoured with vegans.