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An Audible subscription was given to me for a present at Christmas and I’ve listened to a number of books. There were hundreds of ads on TV at the time for Audible.
I’ve had a few problems and questions along the way and this report is to tell you that there is NO WAY that Audible Books wants to speak to you! Admittedly their information pages are well written and cover many things but there is no way to email them at all (like Telstra really) and when I did recently call them the person at the other end couldn’t help and couldn’t find anyone who could even call me back. It reminded me of the Trivago business–a tight business model with no other objective than to take your money.
I suspect many people ‘subscribe and forget’ or just drop off --many books take well over 15 hours listening time, so like gyms they get unused subscription money all the time.
I’ve also found that my reviews have remained in the 'provisional ’ category for months -they clearly aren’t even reading them much or frequently --maybe they’ve even lost interest in the business now.
So don’t even think about subscribing or gifting a subscription unless the person can be sure to go seamlessly from book to book` and overcome minor hitches on their own. Audible people just don’t want to know you.

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