Asbestos leads to recall of 13,000 'youth' quad-bikes

@TonyIbrahim reports that more than 10,000 Polaris quad-bikes designed for children have been recalled due to the presence of asbestos. According to the ACCC, around 13,000 quad-bikes were sold between 2003 and July 2017 that are affected under the recall.

The affected Polaris models are Scrambler 50, Scrambler 90, Predator 50, Predator 90, Outlaw 50, Outlaw 90, Outlaw 110, Sportsman 90, Sportsman 110, Ace 150, Sawtooth 200 and Phoenix 200.

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While not related to Quad Bikes the article I am linking to is about what they are calling the 3rd wave of Asbestos claims. As it notes in the article the 1st wave were the Asbestos workers, the 2nd the tradesmen who used the products and the 3rd are the renovators. Perhaps this 3rd wave could be expanded to include those who come into contact with Asbestos through things like the above Bikes, those who are nearby when buildings are demolished or renovated and then contract Asbestos related diseases. Asbestos is hidden in many ways as a problem eg as the article points out it was a reno job where the participant was unaware of the asbestos, but what of those exposed to the dust by drift, or the removal of the dust into rubbish removal systems eg Council Waste Workers. The problem while it was obvious from the point of view of known direct contact ie the Tradesmen and the workers who mined the asbestos and produced asbestos products, it may no longer be such an obvious link and could be all the more dangerous because of that.