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Are you ready for BBQ season?



Get your barbecue ready for the summer by following these simple BBQ cleaning tips, or share your own below.


I use the BBQ all year round for cooking home grown trout (from my aquaponics system) and use greaseproof paper on the hot plate, rather than Al foil. Before each use I have the gas on high and give the hotplate a wipe with paper towels before oiling again, and it stays clean and rust-free.


Love the BBQ but I don’t get too fancy when cleaning it.

I treat my BBQ like crap, it’s a Weber :slight_smile:. It has a habit of just lasting and lasting. If anything does go wrong, you can always call them up and they pretty much send out replacement parts instantly, many many years after purchase. Or at least that has been my experience.

If it’s getting too dirty or has been left for too long, then I just crank up burners and leave it for a while. Then come back and give it a quick scrape and some rice bran oil (has a high smoke point).


We’ve updated our BBQ review (member content) in time for summer. With barbecues varying in price from $150 to around $2000, it’s handy knowing which ones perform the best. We also have this BBQ buying guide to cover all the features, what to pay and what size to choose.

Feel free to add any BBQ-related questions to this thread.


We have a heavy cover that goes over the 4 burner stainless steel BBQ which keeps it relatively clean all year round. Just use warm dishwashing detergent water with a microfibre cloth to clean the SS from time to time.

We also seal the cast iron plate and grill with spray canola oil immediately after use (or occasional washing if it needs it)…doing so allows a build up of an oil layer which stops rust and also creates a non-stick coating. It saves a lot of effort in keeping the BBQ clean as it is ready each time one wants to use it. Doing this initially does not take much effort and after a while when the coating is formed, is very easy to maintain with minimal effort.

Being in Brisbane, we have BBQ weather all year round…in fact BBQs are possibly better in winter as one can gather a big sweat standing over a BBQ on a humid and hot summer day/night.


Indeed, although it is much cooler here than Brisbane in winter, I prefer BBQing my trout in winter, as it isn’t a hot sweaty job then, and there are a lot less flies around!


I can’t imagine living somewhere that you couldn’t BBQ all year round! :slight_smile: why do people choose to live in such inhospitable climates?

We do the same with the cleaning and replaced the grill with hotplates and got a huge cast iron baking tray with lid for the third hotplate - did have a problem with rodents scampering on the hotplates until I ordered some metal baking trays the same size as the plates and seasoned them as well - they sit on the plates when not in use.

To clean - I turn it on flat out for 10 or so minutes with the lid down, then use a paint scraper to take off the rubbish - never seems to go through the seasoning.


We’ve reviewed BBQs again in time for summer (member content). If you’re sprucing up your outdoor cooking set-up, be sure to check out which models perform the best.


Great to see all 7 Weber models tested.

So much for all those persons claiming other models are as good or better than Weber.


Timely as we are looking for a new, smaller BBQ just for two. :+1:

There are other options perhaps?
We’ve found our pythons prefer their rodents ”au naturel”, and being house trained they prefer to go out side as needed. :rofl:


Good timing then. Feel free to provide a review once you’ve sorted it out and had a few test runs :wink: