Are E-scripts affected by the Medisecure Hack (Data Breech)?

Hi everyone, I have received and used escripts from my Dr. With the new hacking of the company that provides the service I’m wondering what I need to do or be concerned about. I’ve tried looking everywhere for some information but can’t find anything about what I need to do. Thanks.

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The company involved in the breach, Medisecure, has not been providing escripts since last year, when they lost out to eRx. Wouldn’t worry about it.

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Are there concerns for the issue or ongoing use of e-scripts?

The following is the advice the AMA provided when Medisecure ceased providing e-scripts last year.

Electronic prescriptions no longer available via MediSecure | Australian Medical Association

This included advice:

The Department of Health and Aged Care has informed prescribers that from 15 November e-prescriptions will no longer be possible via MediSecure.

If your current e-scripts were provided in or after 15th Nov 2023 they will be through a different provider.

For e-scripts issued prior to that date Medisecure was one of two providers. E-scripts have a 12 month expiry. The management from 15 Nov 2023 of unexpired E-scripts original issued through Medisecure has transferred to another service business:

eRx is now also solely managing the delivery of all electronic prescription tokens sent by SMS or email, the cost of which is being covered by the federal government under the national PDS, as well as electronic scripts stored on MediSecure servers under the data sharing arrangement between the two prescription exchanges.

Concerning the recently announced hacking of Medisecure’s systems.
Further to the link to the latest Medisecure release accessible in the previous post.
The situation for those with concerns their personal information may have been accessed is one that continues to evolve. There are also responses from the Dept of Home Affairs and from the Australian Privacy Commissioner:

Until more information is released consumers can only be extra careful when receiving any contact from a known or unknown business or government.


Known businesses or government agencies is extremely important.

A risk is criminals use any information to masquerade as a legitimate business/government agency to phish for further information or use it to try an scam those whose data was subject of the breach.

Phishing could include asking victims for additional information for some reason, to increase the likely success of future scams or identity theft. Scams could include asking for payments associated with medications or services provided in the past.

One needs to he on guard at all times and not to click on links in emails/texts, use phone numbers in emails/texts and only use known and bona fide details - such as on letters which have been set, using usual urls fir logging into accounts or going to Yellowpages/Whitepages online for phone details to verify veracity of the contact.


Thank you for your support in this matter. The thing is I don’t know who is the provider of my scripts but I will take all of your advice and be extra careful


The only facility handling escripts in Australia is eRx. They replaced Medisecure last year.

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That is the best thing to do. If you used ePrescriptions in the period before November, current information suggests that there is a possibility that if you had data held by Medisecure, it may have been breached.

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If there are active scripts that your Doctor/Doctors provided last year before November, as the scripts can last 12 months, then it is likely that the breach if Medisecure was the vehicle for the transfer, did capture personal data related to your scripts such as your name. There are steps that have been put in place to inform any person who is affected by the breach, this may take some time to send details to those affected as it could take some time to find out who was affected.

If you are informed that you have been affected there is a web page found at Data breach support and resources | OAIC that has links to organisations that may be able to offer support.

AMA released a response at the following link

If in NSW the NSW Govt have also provided a release about the issue


Thanks for this information. Along with other posts it makes me feel like I really need to be diligent in what I respond to or open. Thank you everyone.