Are Coles Playing Chicken?

Coles dropped Barons Table Chicken Kiev a few years ago followed by Ingham’s Buffalo Wings and now they have dropped all Ingham’s products.

My wife loves chicken kiev and we always bought either Barons Table or Ingham’s which both have the first wing joint attached which adds flavour. They now have no chicken kiev product with the wing joint.

Now we have one more good reason to shop at our local Supa IGA.

If Coles continues to get rid of the products that their customers want, Westfarmers mightn’t have too much left for their divestment of Coles.

Perhaps they are just stegglers for annoying customers?


Inghams probably would not agree to the price offered for their products so they take them off the shelves . Madura tea faced this 3 years ago but there were that many complaints
from customers Coles relented .


Both majors look at their product turnover and drop low sales or low profit lines in favour of more popular or more profitable items.


Both @vax2000 and @meltam observations go in tandem with each other. If the supplier does not play the game with the grocery through favourable pricing or enough marketing ‘contributions’ they are gone. If the product does not move and deliver enough profit, unless it is a ‘must stock staple’ it is also gone.

It is a hard edged business having a fickle customer base.


Well. I don’t know if we are fickle customers, but we are stegglers for Ingham’s Chicken Kiev and Buffalo Wings.

I see that out local Supa IGA has Ingham’s Chicken Kiev on special tomorrow for $7.00 a pack and specials on other items we regularly buy.

Sorry Coles, but we are shopping at our Supa IGA once again.

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That’s the way. Let your feet and wallet do the talking. If enough people do that and effect your Coles’ bottom line they may learn and modify their methodology.

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Well. Well. Well.

Coles now stocks Inghams chicken products once again including chicken kievs and buffalo wings, both of which I bought there today.

Presumably they found out the hard way that they had shot themselves in the foot.

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