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Are Coles In La La Land?


What about the fat that cooks out of it?


I have. The difference with the bakers is that customers cannot access the bread as it’s behind the counter (although I would argue it should still be covered in some way). Do you want customers who did not wash their hands touching your dinner bread?


Well there will be more insects now, I argue, as customers bring their dirty plastic bags to re-use.


No. We don’t eat the fat that comes out of it.
Seriously though, there would be less fat cook out of a rolled pork roast than a bone-in pork roast as there is less fat in the uncooked rolled pork than the bone-in pork.


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For everyone who said that they prefer bone-in pork roasts, our local Supa IGA has bone-in shoulder pork roasts on sale today for just $3.99 per Kg.
They also have pork fillets for just $10.99 per Kg.
How good is that?


They are advertising port fillets for $14.99/kg here but with the roughly $500 return air fare from Melbourne to your part of the country I think I will give those deals a miss :smiley:


And if you fly economy, you’ll still have more room on the plane than Miss Piggy did in her pen, prior to becoming pork dinner :wink:



Our local Supa IGA has rolled boneless pork roasts on special today for just $4.99 Kg.
How good is that?


Australian Boneless Pork Leg Roasts
Australian Pork.
3 day sale Friday 10th to Sunday 12th August.
$4.99 kg!


Visited our local Supa IGA yesterday and bought a nice rolled pork loin roast for only $6.99 Kg.

After paying for my items, I noticed that there were flyers at the checkout promoting premium corned beef for just $4.99 Kg so I went back in and grabbed a couple of pieces.

I cannot believe the fantastic specials they continue to have on top quality meat.


Now that our new puppy is over 4 months old, I wanted to see how he could handle a raw chicken wing, and as I did not want a pack of them, I checked Coles website to see if the deli had them loose.

As well as various types in the meat section, it displayed two images of loose ones in the deli section. One was marked “Temporarily Unavailable” whilst the other was normal.

I went to our local Coles regardless, and there were 4 full trays of them. When I mentioned the website to the staff member, she was amazed and stated that they always had stock, but she was not surprised at another head office mistake.

Confusing things are happening at Coles.


Whilst out shopping for various items around Cairns today, I called into Stockland Earlville to buy a couple of chicken necks and small chicken wings for our puppy at Lenard’s but I did not shop at the Coles store there as I prefer to shop at the Coles at Mt Sheridan, which is our closet store.

Once there, I could not find any Coles Pepperoni which I have bought there for years, so I asked a staff member who went out to the storage area but returned empty handed. The label on the shelf claimed it was a “New” product.

Another staff member then said that they had not had stocks of it for several weeks and then checked her handheld device which indicated that they should have stock by tomorrow.

I then went to the bakery for a loaf of Coles multigrain toast bread, the primary reason for my visit to Coles, only to find there were no instore baked breads whatsoever.

Another staff member said that the baker had not turned up at the store that morning as he had somehow been misdirected to the Earlville store instead, so no instore breads were baked.

I asked for the phone number of the Coles store at Edmonton, the next closest store, and then I called them to ensure that the bread was available so that I was not making another wasted trip.

Not only did the Coles store at Edmonton have plenty of instore baked breads, including the one that wanted, they also had plenty of Coles Pepperoni.

At this rate, Westfarmers might have to consider a bonus to get the float of Coles to actually happen.

“Even dumber things are happening at Coles”.


I went to our local Coles store on Sunday to buy a number of items including Coles instore baked multigrain bread only to find, as per the previous Sunday, there was no instore baked bread.

The baker had not turned up for work once again and a young employee who was working in the bakery said that they were fed up with being abused by customers because there was no instore baked bread, and that the store was supposedly getting another baker.

I went to another Coles store and I bought a loaf of the bread I wanted. I spoke with the baker who said that our local Coles store had called them and other Coles stores to try to get a baker for the Sunday shift.

The cost of the petrol I would have used to visit the second store would have far exceeded the price of the loaf of bread I bought there.

I went to our local Coles store again this afternoon to buy a loaf of their instore baked multigrain bread to have with our lamb’s fry & bacon dinner tonight, and surprise, surprise, there was no instore baked bread once again.

And Coles have the temerity to take the ATO to court for their alleged losses of fuel.

“Even more stupid things are happening at Coles.”