Aqueous caravan water heater disaster

I purchased an Aqueous water heater for our caravan on 31 March 2014 from Aus J Imports. It was used on 3 trips for a total of about 10 weeks in the first year. On the next trip away (July 2015) the heater was leaking. The ad gave a 12 month warranty but the instruction manual gave a 3 year warranty on the tank. I contacted the supplier and was advised to strip the insulation and get it welded. I did so and after 8 welds it was still leaking so gave it up. The tank was supposed to be 304 SS. I contacted the supplier and they agreed to replace it providing I paid return postage and a $50 handling fee. Total cost $114.75 but I got a replacement heater. This unit was used for three weeks. Next trip away in February 2016 and a check as soon as water was turned on showed the ominous leaks from inside the insulation. I phoned the supplier and he said to put the info in an email. I did so and am still awaiting a reply. The heaters cannot easily be drained between uses as the inlet has a direct coupled non-return valve and the outlet extends to the top of the tank. It has to be removed from the caravan while full. There is no sacrificial anode protection.

Put it down to experience and avoid this manufacturer. They will only improve if the feedback to avoid this product gets to the point that their product is not worth the money.

I did. I now have a Suburban beater in the van