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Apple Products for a Shonky

The Shonky Awards are excellent and Kogan has been competing for that honour for some years. But, caveat emptor, “Dick Smith” brand also is Kogan and, so, should be part of the condemnation.
I would like to nominate Apple for a future Shonky. Stylish and innovative since their big branding “Big Brother” ad in 1984, recent years have seen a severe decline in the quality and reliability of their products, both poor quality hardware and sloppy software.
The Apple website itself lists 16 faulty products across its range since 2013
Apple products, increasingly, do not fall far from the tree!


Thanks for the nomination @g.mccall, I’ll be sure to pass on your suggestion. The last time Apple received a Shonky was way back in 2006 for its repairs service.