Apple IOS 14, can we say no?

Apple is rolling out a major update to IOS.

Our devices are already flagging the 2.22GB update to install. But unless you are plugged into power with a good wifi or data connection it does not happen.

Two questions.

  1. If you choose or try to block the update is a user foregoing all future security updates?

  2. Is the update another step change in how the OS presents and functions, sufficient to create more angst and confusion to those who prefer things not to change too much?

Some of the guides suggest features only previously seen on Android devices have turned up in IOS 14, in an Apple kind of way.

Hope I can still use my device as a phone after the update. That’s what it was purchased for. :roll_eyes:


You’ll still get security updates on 13.7, there are phones which cant take 14 (though I guess just really old ones). I usually do the update because I get sick to death of the reminders and the red badge on settings.

FYI: Your battery life will suffer, but should improve after a day or three (mine has) and you might find that iOS14 is not able to recognise mails which are read. I have 22 unread, according to the app badge, but no, that is not so. It randomly fixes itself and then unfixes a few hours later.

I hate the App Library. Change for its own sake. Fortunately you can ignore it, because you don’t see it until you keep swiping right.