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Apple fined $41 million by the French Courts for deceptive behaviour

Apple has been fined the equivalent of $41 Million for deceptive behaviour regarding them using software updates to slow older iPhones down due to aging batteries in them to help keep the phones stable and from unexpectedly shutting down. Apple had applied the slow downs without informing users and the French Courts found that was deceptive by not disclosing at the time they introduced the technique. Apple revealed the slowdowns in 2017 and they still use the technique. The latest batch of phones potentially affected are the XS & XR series of iPhones. A user since iOS 11.3 can see the health of the battery in the Settings section and if throttling has been applied it can be disabled.

To see the SMH article on the matter:

Where is Australia’s ACCC on this matter?


Where is the ACCC on just about any matter?


still waiting on starter’s orders… waiting… waiting…


False teeth for a toothless tiger?


It could be cost savings…wait for one other foreign agency to do the hard yards, wait for the verdict and then catch the same wave in Australia when most of the work has been done?


Or their usual pathetic results of finally doing something long after the horse has bolted as per the current Australian 4WD Hire action or the likes of the $2.3M penalty handed to Birubi Art Pty Ltd for fake Indigenous Australian art.

Wait until the prey is already crippled and then shoot. No risk of getting hurt and no hard cleaning up to do such as having to actually bank any fines.