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Apparitions of a Cashless Society


The onslaught continues? One step closer to the walletless future.

Are we to now look forward to a world with one digital card or single device using embedded technology? A future where there is no wallet, cash or multiple bank, credit and loyalty cards?

Apple has long term served to forecast many changes. Even when it failed the first time with technology like the Newton, handheld and powerful computing with touch screen is now taken for granted.

If government sits back will we also face a future with only two choices. No! Not a physical wallet vs virtual. Just a simpler choice. Apple virtual wallet vs Google virtual wallet. Sorry Microsoft?

It also aligns with the future of the connected home. Two only providers both offering to sequence your aircon, lights and pre cooked microwave meals, while autonomously deciding the best electricity deal for you and paying the daily instalment to AGL?

P.s. And this vision of one future continues to provide us with a purpose, if only to ensure the profits of Alphabet and Apples future parent “Fruit”. Are you getting your daily serve?


My apologies to @mark_m for posting similar to his post above about this card…I did search before posting as a new topic (now deleted and moved here) but it wasn’t found so again my apologies.

Apple are spreading into the Credit Card (CC) industry with their release of the Apple Card. It’s all nice and shiny and made from titanium (hoopla in my opinion), designed I guess to appeal with a techy/Appley/new age feel to firstly those who love Apple anything and to then to others who have not yet got all cosy with Apple. This move I also think is to ensure ApplePay gets further entrenched in mainstream finance. We have become just another cash asset to many of these companies whether we think so or not.

Like Coles with their loans and CC business the move by what were non finance businesses into these markets causes me some disquiet. While I already don’t trust banks but I know their main objectives the rise of these others plays on my fears of more data grab than service provision (it is just the gloss to allow the grab).

Anyway if you want to see Apple’s own page about it see:

Then some other commentary on the card:


The search function for the topics appears to be very independently minded sometimes?

When more than one of the community is drawn promptly to same item or issue it can only make us all feel a little more confident the item deserves closer understanding and comment.

It will be great to hear what others see in this too.


Cash Is King.I for one could never see cash disappear.The amount of people in debt now in this country is at a all time high.Some of these people who have this problem maybe should cut up there cards and rely on cash only that will sort them out lol.Then they can actually learn to save


Who would have ever guessed a cashless society needs a robust capable network as well as robust ICT systems? Seems black magic these days as we experience more and more disruptive interruptions.

It appears this may become a major consumer issue rivalling which fridge or TV to buy, but sadly no choice (pun intended) in the matter beyond some reporting while the pollies continue their self serving games.