Anybody Need An Investment Opportunity?

An article regarding a person whose companies lost some $120 million of investors money allegedly starting up again.

On the top of her CV

At least there are no rumours she is about to join a political party and run for Federal Parliament. :rofl:


Another “investment” scam exposed.

"Last year the UK introduced the kind of regime that Mr Papagiannopoulos wants to see adopted here.

As of July 2020, six major UK banks were required to check that the name entered by the person making the transfer matched the name of the account holder.

The UK’s Payment Systems Regulator (PSR) told the ABC anecdotal evidence indicated a “positive impact”.

Locally, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has been calling on the Australian banks to follow the UK “for years”.

Andy White from the Australian Payments Network, which oversees payments in the banking system, said banks were now using the Pay ID service, which provided an extra level of verification through a phone number or email.

Mr White said about a third of all transactions were made through Pay ID and it “wasn’t practical” to retrofit the existing bank deposit system to match names."

So the UK has been able to implement changes but the clowns in Australia simply claim it isn’t practical.

I would bet that if there was legislation to make the banks repay the monies scammed, they would very quickly implement such changes.