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Any review on hard floor cleaners


Is this the one?

It appears to be a damp mop/cloth and vaccuum in one…interesting to see if it works…especially in high dust rural areas.

How about a static mop instead? No water needed.


Wonder no more?
Just apply a little 14th century know how. :+1:

I seem to recollect some mixes use animal waste (cow poo). Skippy poo might be useful too, but it might take a while to find enough of those little balls of conditioned grass?

Sounds great system for a motor workshop, built in drysorb. :wink:


Surely Draughtrider you could just go down the road to Bunnings or super cheap Auto and pick up one of the their two pack epoxy resins used in garages and stick in the sand. Obviously need a concrete floor … LOL … and a whole day to get to the nearest store…Now I need to go to choice to see the best Vacuum cleaners since mine has just died on me obviously the outback dust is too tough for a Vax … I think it is 6 months out of warranty … but may be it is just needs a rest…so will turn it on after it cools down…Now if Choice did a test to see if the hard floor cleaners are worth it I could have purchase if they turned out o be good:)


A few points PHB

  1. It has a vacuum head before the microfibre cloth to suck away dust (2 in 1 again)
  2. it squeegees the dirt out every revolution I think 500 revs a minute hence the two water containers one for clean and one for dirty.
  3. Microfibre cloth is washable
  4. besides being narrower it microfibre part is the same length if laid flat so would take approx. the same time to get the dirt off.
  5. In theory stubborn dirt would be easier to come out due to the scrubbing power.

lastly the other hard floor cleaners use a different system but again most have a vacuum head before whatever brushes they use. It would be nice to have a test to see what one works best.

I personally think you still need a vacuum cleaner but when I want to clean, not just get the dust off the floor I feel something else is needed. Then again my friendly fellow resident that likes to lick my floors in the kitchen even after a vacuum would be disappointed, however living with a wild mouse in the kitchen is probably not a good thing! Daring devil that it is …ps I am a social worker so not big into killing things other than cockroaches and flys… now if draughtrider could lend me a snake I would be set …just make it python rather than a poisonous one.

Lastly I am asking for a test because I want to see if they work rather than guess , part of the reason I bought choice. Surely how one choose to clean a floor is up to the individual? What is the word that is on the front cover of the magazine… that’s right …Choice! PS Choice get a new Zealander to do some of your videos that would be choice just to hear them say choice.:slight_smile:


Well Draughtrider Wikiepedia is never wrong :wink: personally I think going one better …that is to do what my maternal side of my family do and live in a cave … much cooler … especially with the Mediterranean sea as the view out of the cave entrance … now if only their was cliffs 1500km inland in OZ and that inland sea stayed constantly filled???:slight_smile: