Anti reflective glasses lens coatings

Does anyone know how to get anti reflective glasses coatings that do not scratch easily. I worked in mineral processing for 40 years and prescription bifocal safety glasses NEVER scratched if looked after sensibly despite the harsh salty sandy hot dirsty environment. Since retiring 8 years ago I do a lot of offshore fishing and marine rescue day and night so my glasses are exposed to salt spray a bit, as well as sweat because i live in the beachside tropics. Until a couple of years ago no problems but last 2 -3 years my OPSM lenses have the coatings scratched and peeling off with just months of use. My script doesn’t change at my age so glasses should last 5 years , but the coating failures make them useless in months. OPSM has readily replaced 3 pairs already. I have read OPSM changed suppliers a few years ago i, but does anyone know if anyone supplies hard outer coatings, and what brands and what spec would I need?
I am quire careful with cleaning several times a day, but have been using clean tissues ( no more) with optician supplied cleaning fluid.


I have been buying Essilor/Varilux lenses for many years with their Crizal coating. I never had a problem, but I do not venture into harsh conditions.

We patronised OPSM a few years ago. The experience was OK but the prices seemed high and I am uncomfortable with ‘house brands’ for lenses as a result of claims+pricing+experience and that they can change suppliers from time to time that could affect delivered products in various ways.

As an aside, I had frameless lenses where the earpieces were loosening and stopped in the OPSM (I did not buy them there) to see if they could tighten them. ‘Special talent needed - need to send them off for 10 days.’ (eg they did not want to bother). An independent fixed them up in 2 minutes and has had my business since.

Going to an independent, or even Costco or maybe Specsavers, they sell branded products so one can rely on that consistency.


thank you Phil.That rings a bell. I have been told by Luxottica state office ( runs OPSM), that bificals are old technology and I need to move off them to get better glasses ( NOW READ AS BETTER COATINGS at more than twice the price). I now interpret that as " we don’t fit the top line AR coatings over bifocals". A pity because bifocals perfectly fit my requirements - I can read books and car/boats instruments perfectly well ( despite needing a lot of correction) but still have outstanding distance vision compared to 30 other marine rescue volunteers of all ages. I’m happy with bifocals , so I might just need to find someone who fits top line coatings to bifocals - then I can get years out of one set so matter what they cost.


There are anti scratch coatings that can be applied, they aren’t perfect anti scratch but they do improve durability. Having said that, the effect you are experiencing may not be so much about scratching but a reaction to the salty environment they are exposed to.

Others here may be able to advise if they experienced the same peeling when their glasses are used in similar areas or if the anti scratch has helped in that regard. Talking to your Optometrist about the use of anti scratch might also help you decide.

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thank you.
Ziess do seem to have a whole range of levels of top coatings and I’ll start asking if they can apply them over bifocals. Our nearest Ziess dealer is in the Whitsundays , so they should know a bit about salt!