Another Snake Oil Scam

Yet another snaike oil scam by a couple of anti-vaxxer charlatans.



Apparently there is no limit to people’s gullibility.

Penn State’s can-we-measure-gullibility course


One classic was in an episode of The Chaser some years ago when the team was winding up the Scientology “church” in Sydeny.

Two of the team were sitting at a table outside the Scientology HQ when a couple of young women who worked there came up to see whar they were doing.

The team had their own gullibility meter on the table with a couple of hand held probes attached.

The meter was calibrated in various levels of gullibility with the highest level labelled “James Packer”.



One of the problems with an article such as ACA has produced is that they don’t link to any source information. Hence you are denied the possibility of making up your own mind as to whether

  • the course has any value
  • the course is worth the asking price

and instead you only have ACA’s opinion, which itself may be questionable. ACA is hardly a bastion of quality journalism.

So in the interests of fairness: and specifically

There appears to be adequate disclosure that this is an online course i.e. no face-to-face contact (as complained about by ACA).

There appears to be adequate but not ideal disclosure of cost.

They give a reasonable impression of the goal and nature of the course.

I couldn’t find any misrepresentation regarding the qualifications that the people offering the course have (as implicitly complained about by ACA). They aren’t claiming to have studied at Harvard or done a psych degree or whatever. They specifically claim “street cred”.

Overall, I think “scam” and “snake oil” might be harsh.

Would I go on it? No.

(Website is slow to load and appears to have one or two compatibility issues in my environment but that’s OK.)


Really? Sitting down face to face with a psychologist to solve PTSD? Really? That is a huge scam. Pay 150$ min an hour to be asked all the most private parts of your life since birth as psychologist writes in pencil on cheap writing pad. Judging, why did you delay telling your parents you were pregnant until you were 6 weeks pregnant at 42??? Try sitting down with 9 psychologists for your PTSD and one psychiatrist…all the same process except the psychiatrist was manic. Finally one connected with a church group said we cannot treat PTSD. Everyone retraumatised me.
Finally I read online that the USA govt had sent a group of viet vets with ptsd so bad they were at home incapacitated to 5 mornings of EFT, emotional freedom technique, or tapping meridens and calming the deep brain, and those guys were 90 to 100% cured. That is done at home privately, no retraumatising and no face to face talking to a paid professional, So I did that.
The bottom line is not what either offered to do for money, but to take responsibility for yourself, take ownership, give up learned powerlessness.

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Regardless of the commentary on psychologists and psychiatrists, what works for one may not work for others, and exhorting PTSD sufferers to just take responsibility is akin to just telling a druggie to stop taking drugs.

I have a family member with PTSD from time spent working in a military morgue receiving bodies from the middle East. Despite the outward appearance all is not nor will ever be well inside. It comes with being military in war zones or directly supporting same. Dead combatants rarely fit the neat corpse images projected on TV. Battle field surgeons and related professionals are trained to handle patients with extreme trauma but rank and file not so much, who are just thrown into it to take care of themselves, seeing what weapons and combatants do. Learned powerlessness?


I did not just say to take responsibility.
I gave examples apart from the the non professional group dissed by the psychologist, that my paid use of psychologists and psychiatrist culminated in extreme retraumatising and one told me that they COULD NOT rectify PTSD,

I recommended valuing oneself and looking for a solution however one did that, not just accepting being marketed to by the footballers cohorts or the so called professionals, Learned Powerless is a valid issue, Not a throwaway term. Psychologists have induced it in tortured animals.

I have had similar issue of being prescribed erroneously seratide a corticosteroid which acts like a hormone in negative feedback on the adrenal cortex, stopping endogenous cortisol production consquently DHEA production to balance, thus inducing terrible effects, not just 70% hair fall, cataract, sarcopenia, but loss of prefrontal cortex, memory, and eating heartwall, plus low thyroid and partial eyebrows. Not one medical professional showed the slightest concern over 12 years of my questioning the effects of the drug. Clearly it was up to me to get an alternative email search engine and immediately get information and reverse everything, Sure it’s a year but almost asthma free from being urgently hospitalised whilst on drug regime.

I feel sympathy to the person you care about, you have not asked what caused mine. Given your friends was war related my post re the USA govt intervention might have been of interest,

There are many reasons people suffer PTSD, military reasons being one, police and emergency service, traffic accidents and the list grows. As you have said what works as treatment for one may not be as, or even, effective for another. I agree with you that to dismiss the treatment by trained professionals is throwing many sufferers under the bus.

@Glo I agree that learning about the problem can be helpful but not everyone either can do that for themselves or sometimes they don’t even recognise what they are suffering from. I am glad you found an answer that worked for you. Others have benefited from professional help. Sadly others have taken their lives and/or lives of others because they didn’t understand why they felt how they did or they didn’t get the right help at the right time that worked for them.


@grahroll, i agree completely, I put out my personal experiences here which were hard and horribly learned with suffering over many years to offer an alternative.that if the paid sources can’t help, sometimes searching on the net will if using say a neutral search like duckduckgo to find help.

Sure that can annoy because I had to go out of the paid system. It does not benefit me to write in any way, I was abused by doctors for questioning the drug or stating my side effects.

I gave two situations where professionals even if with best of intentions could not give me recovery. I do know that not all can search for solutions or even recognise their issue, A relative or concerned other reading this might think about searching further,

I also write because I know the two women neighbours needing knee replacements, osteoporosis, obese as muscle was turned to fat, cataracts, heart weakness, and one with a brain tumour who have asked year in year out for an alternative to corticosteroids. For me they cause itchy lungs, ie asthma triggers. These are some of many side effects. They did not know where to start. Neither did their families.

In 2000 the side effects of corticosteroid administration were published to medicals, a full lengthy disclosure. It has been known since the 1950s at least.
This really could be looked at by choice if brave enough.